Lost Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix Soon

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While not everyone agrees on its ending, there's no denying that Lost is one of those shows that only comes along every so often. Unfortunately, it's soon going to be more difficult for fans of the series to rewatch and new audiences to check it out, as the series is heading off Netflix. Those wishing to take one last trip back to the island need to get on it, as the series is set to leave the streaming service Thursday, January 4th.

The good news is, there's still plenty of time left to enjoy the entire series on Netflix for those that haven't done so. To watch every episode of Lost on Netflix, one needs to carve just a little over 90 hours of viewing time. Those that start today can keep a pace of roughly five episodes a day before successfully reaching it's controversial finale. That's quite a bit of streaming a day just to watch one show, but Lost fans can attest to newcomers it won't be too hard to get attached once all the mysteries of the island start coming into play.

Lost isn't the only notable title leaving Netflix in January either, as a couple other shows join the list in getting pulled at the beginning of 2018. Among them, Law & Order: SVU is getting Seasons 14-16 dropped on Monday, January 1st, which is surely a disappointment for crime lovers. Monday, January 15 will see Sirens Seasons 1-2 getting pulled, and Saturday, January 30 the last remaining Futurama Seasons 7-10 close out the month for television shows pulled by Netflix. Overall, it's not one of the months where Netflix pulled a lot of television from its service, but the streaming giant certainly is pulling some well-received shows this go around.

Will Lost ever return to Netflix? That's difficult to say, as with Disney preparing a streaming service of its own in 2018, it's possible the house of mouse might put the former ABC series on its own service. Lost has been a staple on Netflix for quite some time now, so while it might have just been a decision Netflix made to drop the show, it feels as though its leaving is tied to something.

For now, Netflix viewers can stream Lost (opens in new tab) until it departs Thursday, January 4. For a look at things that will be coming to television as opposed to going in 2018, visit our midseason premiere guide. Those stuck with nothing to watch in the present can still find things premiering on television in 2017 via our fall premiere guide. For a look at some shows that crashed and burned not unlike an airplane on a mysterious island, head on over to our cancellation guide.

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