When The Voice's most recent season came to a close, the lone contestant left standing was the smoky-voiced Tennessee native Chloe Kohanski, who wowed audiences all season long with a slew of female-fronted hits from the '70s and '80s. CinemaBlend spoke with the singer after her big victory, and when I wasn't finding out about her most nerve-wracked performances and her biggest frustrations from the show, I was learning lots of other fun details from Kohanski about how things went during and after The Voice's season. Let's start off focusing on one of the season's most controversial moments.

What It's Like To Switch Teams

While Chloe Kohanski started off her Voice season under Miley Cyrus' tutelage, everything changed during The Knockouts, as Cyrus chose to keep contestant Ashland Craft, meaning Kohanski was eliminated. Thankfully for all involved, Blake Shelton swooped in and saved her, unwittingly cementing yet another big victory for the country star. Out of curiosity, I asked Kohanski what it was like once she made the shift to Team Blake, as far as communication went with her former mentor.

Whenever I switched teams to Blake, I think I sent Miley a text or an email, and I told her, 'Thanks for everything, and I look forward to seeing you at future shows.' But you don't really want to get too caught up in it, and I don't even know if that's technically allowed. Because really, it's a competition and it wouldn't be great to have input from more than one coach. I think that would get a little overwhelming. So yeah, when I switched teams, it was just me and Blake working together. I saw Miley and we would talk about yoga and our boyfriends and stuff like that, like lighthearted things, but it wasn't about the direction of my performances, because she really need to focus on her artists. And my focus was on me and working with Blake, so yeah [conversations] stopped when I wasn't on her team anymore.

In hindsight, everything Chloe Kohanski said there makes perfect sense. Not that anyone would likely have expected Miley Cyrus to continue offering Kohanski a ton of tips and motivational mantras after eliminating her. After all, Cyrus obviously had her hands full with Craft and her other singers. So even if it wasn't heavily frowned upon by The Voice producers and rule-makers, performers wouldn't ever really have a reason to talk to their former coaches anyway. Except, you know, about yoga and boyfriends.

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