The One Song That The Voice Winner Chloe Kohanski Wishes She Could Have Performed On The Show

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Over the course of The Voice's most recent season, eventual winner Chloe Kohanski belted out a grand assortment of classic tracks that were perfectly suited for her voices highs and lows. From Blondie's "Call Me" to Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" to all the rest, Kohanski delivered the expert performances needed to win over voters. So when CinemaBlend recently spoke with the latest Voice champ, I asked her if there were any songs she wished she could have performed. There was, and it happened to be the Last Chance song she never got to sing. In Kohanski's words:

To be honest, I feel like I got pretty lucky with my songs. Oh, I know! My Last Chance song. I was never in the bottom, so I never got to do it, but it was 'White Flag' by Dido. I actually wanted to do that song, but they gave me 'Thank You' instead. And I was kinda like, 'I wonder why...' but then I thought about it, and it was Thanksgiving. So it was a cool moment to have, on the show, a song just saying 'Thank you,' you know what I mean? But yeah, I wanted to do 'White Flag' really bad -- super stripped-down, but still with the beat. Really do up the '80s vibe of that song, but I never got a chance to sing it. It was really pretty, too. I guess I can sing it another time.

First, could there be a cooler Voice-related humblebrag than missing out on performing one's Last Chance song with other bottom-dwelling contestants? Second, it's a shame that viewers never got a chance to watch Chloe Kohanski taking on Dido's "White Flag." Arguably Dido's most famous song, "White Flag" is just the kind of track that Kohanski would have knocked out of the park, especially if she imbued it with the emotional longing that oozed from her first original single, "Wish I Didn't Love You," which she performed on the finale. Hopefully she'll film herself singing it at karaoke night or something.

Chloe Kohanski loves Dido and her music, and she told me why she's such a fan.

I think Dido's really cool. I feel like she kinda tapped in -- back in the late '90s and early 2000s -- she tapped into the "'90's-does-'70s" vibe. Her voice is kind of timeless like that, so it was fun doing one of her songs. So yeah, if I could do another one, it would be 'White Flag' for sure. That's a super-special one.

As she mentioned, Chloe Kohanski did get to perform Dido's "Thank You" on The Voice's pre-Thanksgiving episode, and even though it wasn't the single she wanted to cover, it was the more proper song to deliver gracious holiday vibes. What would have happened if she'd have ended up in the bottom three after that? Would she have performed two Dido songs in one week?

For what it's worth, Chloe Kohanski also told me that she and her (second) coach Blake Shelton were emailing each other about performing Roxette's 1992 hit "It Must Have Been Love." Though that plan never materialized, the singer told me she had some good ideas for how she would have performed that song, so hopefully we'll get to one day hear her taking on "White Flag" and "It Must Have Been Love."

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