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Warning: spoilers ahead for the Season 13 finale of The Voice.

Another intense season of singing competition has come to an end on The Voice. Season 13 pitted some of the most talented contestants of the series to date against one another, and it was often difficult to say which would make it another week. Now we finally know the big winner of The Voice Season 13, and it's hard to argue that she doesn't deserve the bragging rights. Showstopper Chloe Kohanski is the winner of the thirteenth season.

Chloe Kohanski was mentored by Blake Shelton (a.k.a., the man dubbed "sexiest man alive" and then thoroughly mocked for it), which means Team Blake scores another triumph. Kohanski was a frontrunner through much of Season 13, and even her runner-up didn't seem to begrudge her the win. Before the final results were announced, Kohanski did get a reassurance from her mentor that this would not be the end of the road of them even if she didn't take the top prize. The two formed a bond during their time together, and it seemed that Shelton was interested in following and encouraging her career, no matter the official results of The Voice Season 13.

In fact, Chloe Kohanski wasn't the only contestant at the very end to get such an assurance from a mentor. Addison Agen came in second place for Season 13, and mentor Adam Levine told her that he intended to stick by her whether or not she won. Both coaches' shows of support were heartwarming to see as fans waited for the announcement of the results. After sitting through nearly two full hours of finale -- which was admittedly pretty epic with a whole bunch of celebrity guest performances and team-ups -- many viewers were probably on the edges of their seats by the end.

Coming in third behind Chloe Kohanski and Addison Agen was Brooke Simpson of Team Miley. Red Marlow of Team Blake came in fourth, meaning that it was a solid night for Blake Shelton as well as for Chloe Kohanski. Hopefully all four finalists will go on to have successful careers in the music biz.

In case you missed the finale, you also missed a killer performance from Chloe Kohanski. She was lucky enough to team up with Billy Idol for a rendition of his classic song "White Wedding," and it may go down as one of the most memorable performances of the entire season. All things considered, Kohanski can be quite proud of her performance in the finale. Check it out!

Fans of The Voice don't have to start worrying that the show won't be back for another round of competition, as Season 14 is already in the works, and we already know that one former judge is returning to judge yet again. For what you'll be able to watch while we wait for Season 14, take a look at our 2018 midseason TV premiere guide and our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule. Our rundown of 2017 TV cancellations is worth a mournful look as well.

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