The Obscure DC Comics Characters That May Show Up On Syfy's Krypton

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The long-awaited Krypton is set to debut on Syfy later this month, and viewers will finally get to see on the small screen what Superman's family was up to in the final years before Krypton's destruction. The footage we've seen so far indicates that we're in for a relatively intense series filled with political dealings as well as action, and we already knew that notable DC Comics characters like Adam Strange and Brainiac will appear. Now, DC Comics head honcho Geoff Johns has revealed that some pretty obscure characters from DC Comics may appear as well, saying this:

Yeah, if fans have read Mystery in Space it'll probably end up on the show in that way. So the hardcore fans of any of that sci-fi stuff, if we talk about The Omega Men or any of these characters who will eventually show up.

Geoff Johns spoke about some characters who could appear on Krypton during a panel at the TCA press tour, and his comments should give diehard DC Comics fans reason to celebrate. After all, some DC heroes have been adapted time and time again to the point that they're not terribly exciting anymore. The Omega Men are obscure enough that most viewers may not be well-versed in their origin story, and the Mystery in Space sci-fi anthology was filled with a variety of oddball characters who could mix things up on Krypton in an intriguing way. Krypton was already going to set itself apart from the other DC TV series by virtue of the fact that no big name superhero is at the center of the action; the obscure characters could help set it apart even more.

Of course, most of the DC TV series currently on the air wouldn't really work as platforms for the introduction of these characters, except perhaps for Supergirl. The Omega Men of DC lore are a team of extraterrestrial superheroes who came together to attempt to overthrow a tyrannical regime in a particular region of space. They became important peacekeepers in the region due to a long-standing agreement that kept the Green Lantern Corp out of the mix. The roster of alien superheroes has gone through many changes due to the various DC reboots over the years since their debut in 1981, but we can bet that any who show up on Krypton would bring some fun powers.

The Mystery in Space anthology series has been published off and on since way back in 1951, and arcs have followed everyone from Adam Strange to Hawkman to the Star Rovers. Krypton has already been confirmed to include Adam Strange and Hawkwoman, which means that an appearance from Hawkman as well would make sense. We'll have to wait and see which of the many Mystery in Space characters end up making the cut for Krypton.

Luckily, we finally know just when our wait from the new series will come to an end. Krypton will premiere on Syfy on Wednesday, March 21. For your other superhero options on the small screen, take a look at our midseason TV premiere guide and our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule.

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