Watch A Weather Report Get Interrupted By An Overly Curious Bird

2017 had its fair share of goofy and memorable local news bloopers, so anchors in 2018 will really have to step it up in order to gain internet fame in the new year. It looks like things are already on the right track in San Francisco, where a local weatherman had to pause his segment when an overly curious crow craned his bird neck into a live shot of the Bay area and interrupted the daily forecast:

KTVU's Mark Tamayo managed to keep a level head while a seemingly gigantic bird inched its massive beak just above the cityscape of San Francisco. Thankfully, Tamayo didn't scream "Giant bird! We're all doomed," and he instead stepped away so that viewers could witness a rare and entertaining moment in weather reporting. Tamayo's reaction paired with a bird that didn't overstay its welcome made for a nice viral moment that currently sits at just under 33,000 retweets on Twitter.

Mark Tamayo said on social media following the event that he was a bit speechless when the moment happened. While Tamayo was a bit tongue-tied, Twitter had plenty of things to say about the moment, and replied to the video with quite a few bird puns:

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That exchange is only the tip of the iceberg; comments regarding loons, owls, and even larks littered the comment section of the viral video on Twitter. The YouTube comments were far less punny than those on Twitter, but raise some interesting discussions, since the top commenter was surprised that the shot of San Francisco was actually a live feed and not on a delay. That may not be the case at all news stations, but, luckily, it is at KTVU, whose staff likely enjoyed the attention their station and weatherman received for the moment.

Mark Tamayo definitely deserves some credit for his cool demeanor all throughout the video, especially since other anchors can tend to lose their heads when they sense a viral moment approaching. Of course, Tamayo was just responding to a bird in a camera shot and not children busting in the room and talking about farts or anything like that, so he'll need to experience something a bit more daunting during a forecast to truly become the poster boy for how to react to unexpected news moments. If he can pull that off, Tamayo will be the Danny Tanner of San Francisco news personalities in no time!

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