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Check Out A Brand New Trolls Song In This Exclusive Clip For Netflix's Spinoff Show

One of the biggest animated hits of 2016 was Trolls, a star-studded musical bringing to life the plastic Troll dolls popularized in the 1960s. While the film's youthful audience awaits the still-in-the-distance film sequel, Netflix and DreamWorks are about to release the original spinoff series Trolls: The Beat Goes On. We've got an exclusive clip featuring an all new Trolls song that fans will surely be singing to themselves and others by the end of the day. Check it out below!

It looks like this "Poppy's Parade" clip will come early in Trolls: The Beat Goes On, since Poppy appears to have just dropped some historical Trollstice exposition on Branch, who is all too familiar with past events. But while the Branch of the film would have likely turned a blue nose to a random song sequence, the TV iteration is only too happy to rock a kazoo while harmonizing with Poppy.

This jam might not get ones blood pumping like "Hair Up" did in the film, but it's a big, catchy and colorful musical number, and that's exactly how Trolls: The Beat Goes On should come out the gate. It'll be interesting to see if the TV show gets to use as many licensed songs as the movie did, such as Lionel Richie's "Hello," Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors," and Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence." But even if there are only original tracks being heard, you can bet that fans will still be seeking out the soundtrack.

You might notice that the voices singing about being free forever aren't exactly the same as they were in the movie. The Fosters' Amanda Leighton took over for Anna Kendrick as Poppy, while Pitch Perfect's Skylar Astin replaced Justin Timberlake as Branch. Other casting changes include Fryda Wolff replacing Gwen Stefani as DJ Suki, David Fynn replacing James Corden as Biggie, and Sean T. Krishnan replacing Kunal Nayaar as Guy Diamond.

My biggest hope for Trolls: The Beat Goes On is that this happy-go-lucky flower will become one of the main characters, with a narrative arc that stands up to those of fiction's best characters.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On is executive produced by Matthew Beans, who has been a writer for shows such as Robot Chicken and Mad, so we can probably expect to see this animated series adhering to a more offbeat sense of humor, which is perfectly fine by me. The series will continue following Poppy, Branch and the rest of their colorful friends in Troll Village, and given the nature of the shortened segments, these will probably be lots of standalone adventures. And given the success of NBC's Trolls holiday special, Netflix should see quite a few people burning through those episodes in short order.

With its first six episodes dropping all at once, Trolls: The Beat Goes On will sing and dance its way into Netflix's library (opens in new tab) on Friday, January 19, at 12:01 a.m. PT. (The second batch of episodes is reportedly coming on March 9.) While humming along, head to our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the streaming service soon, and then check out our midseason premiere schedule for all the other new and returning TV shows on the way.

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