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Netflix is undeniably king in the streaming video game, and even its closest competitors don't come close to catching up. The streaming service offers a vast variety of TV shows and movies, including an ever-growing library of originals. Now, Netflix has managed to break one of its own records and set a brand new one that's absolutely incredible. In the last quarter of 2017, Netflix added its most-ever new subscribers in a single quarter.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Netflix added 8.3 million net subscribers, which marks the highest quarterly subscriber gain in Netflix's history. The 8.3 million added subscribers boosts the total number of subscribers to more than 117 million, according to Netflix (via Media Play News). Basically, the fourth quarter scandal surrounding a star and some mixed reviews for a high-profile project didn't damage Netflix's performance in the final months of 2017.

There was one area in which Netflix experienced a drop in the final quarter of 2017, although it's not an area likely to cripple the streaming service. The by-mail disc rental option that kicked off Netflix is down to 3.3 million subscribers, which is a marked drop from the 4 million subscribers from the fourth quarter of 2016. Fourth quarter by-mail disc rentals only generated $62.6 million in a big drop from $68.2 million. Given that Netflix is a giant due to its streaming options rather than its disc rentals, Netflix likely isn't going to despair at the drop in the by-mail subscribers.

All things considered, it's not all that shocking that Netflix is breaking its own records as time passes. The streaming service has invested a lot of money in producing original shows and movies, and it's not exactly backing down from more originals moving forward. Netflix also has some of the most high-profile streaming shows currently available, ranging from Stranger Things to The Crown to all the shows in the Netflix corner of the Marvel universe.

The increase in subscribers is yet another sign that consumers aren't thrown off by occasional increases in the cost of subscribing. As long as Netflix continues producing exciting originals -- some of which generate awards buzz and vocal fanbases on social media -- and expanding its library of offerings, people will likely continue shelling out the dough each month for access. After all, cord-cutting is a growing trend that is slowly edging out cable, and Netflix has a history of staying ahead of the competition. In fact, according to one report, Netflix is already bigger than cable. Who knows what records Netflix will be able to break next?

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