DC has maintained a reasonably steady vice grip on the small screen world over the course of the last few years with shows like Arrow and The Flash, but that's about to get taken to the next level. That's right; I am talking about the highly-anticipated DC streaming service, which will incorporate an entire wave of original content inspired by your favorite superheroes onto the web. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of TV projects that we think would be perfect for this exciting platform. There are plenty of possibilities to address, so let's get started by heading over to the Flashpoint universe.


Flashpoint has experienced a significant boom over the course of the last few years due to its presence on The Flash and the announcement of a Flashpoint movie. However, one essential element to most Flashpoint stories is that they involve Barry Allen trying to get away from that universe. That's not what we want to see in our Flashpoint show. Instead, we want to see an adaptation of The World of Flashpoint run of comics, which essentially treats the Flashpoint universe as a standalone version of the DC lore. Instead of following Flash as he tries to escape the hellish world, this version of the story would simply tell the tales of the characters who inhabit this universe and know no other world. From Thomas Wayne's Batman to pirate Deathstroke, there are decades worth of stories to siphon from the world of Flashpoint.

Gotham Central

Some fans might be quick to draw comparisons between Gotham Central and Gotham on Fox, but the ideas are fundamentally different because Gotham Central takes place in a world where Batman and all of his rogue already exist, and Gotham is a prequel. At its core, the beauty of a story like Gotham Central is that we get to see the adventures of Batman from an outsider's point of view, which is something the movies and TV shows only do in passing. What do the average beat cops really think of Batman? How is he perceived by the ones who have only seen him in passing? What happens when Batman has to fight a supervillain, and something comparatively smaller (but still deadly) goes down? That's Gotham Central's bread and butter, and it's tailor-made for a streaming series.

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