One Suits Character Fans Will See A Lot More Of In Season 8

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Suits is going through big changes in the not-too-distant future thanks to some cast departures by the end of Season 7, and fans have had to try and imagine a new status quo for a series suddenly missing two of its biggest characters. Now, we have an idea of how Suits will compensate for the loss of two regulars: by promoting a recurring actor up to regular status. Amanda Schull, who has dropped in and out of the series since back in Season 2, will be a regular in Season 8.

Amanda Schull first debuted on Suits in Season 2 as Katrina Bennett. She joined the firm -- then known as Pearson Hardman -- as an associate of Louis Litt. She wasn't exactly an ally to Harvey and Mike in her early days, and she seemed gone for good at first when she was fired from the firm. Later, however, she returned to the firm -- now known as Pearson Specter Litt -- as a junior partner. EW reports that Schull will be a regular starting in the eighth season on USA.

The second half of Season 7 has yet to air. On the one hand, Amanda Schull's promotion to regular status could mean that Katrina is a more prominent character in what remains of the seventh season. Suits may want to ease the transition to the new status quo that will be established after Mike and Rachel leave so that Season 8 doesn't feel like a reboot.

On the other hand, Suits may want to make the most of what time is left with Mike and Rachel on board. Meghan Markle isn't likely to reprise her role as Rachel after she marries Prince Harry, and Patrick J. Adams hasn't given any indication that he plans to return either. It's entirely possible that Mike and Rachel will occupy the spotlight for the majority of the back half of Season 7, aside from the backdoor pilot for the upcoming Jessica Pearson spinoff.

Katrina Bennett won't be the only character to have an increased presence in Season 8. Dule Hill was promoted to regular status for the eighth season, following his debut as Alex Williams in the first half of Season 7. Suits is also adding a brand new character who will be played by a pretty big name on the TV circuit: Katherine Heigl.

Admittedly, Katherine Heigl hasn't had the greatest luck with TV gigs in recent years, but she's still known for her gig on Grey's Anatomy. It should be interesting to see how she fits into the dynamic of Suits in Season 8. All things considered, the show could feel like something entirely new in the eighth season. Between three new regulars, the absence of Mike and Rachel, and Jessica unlikely to return, Suits could be quite different.

Tune in to USA on Wednesday, March 28 at 9 p.m. ET to catch the Season 7 midseason premiere of Suits. For your other viewing options, be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere guide.

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