Deadpool TV Footage Released, Looks As Awesome As Expected

Superhero fanatics are still mourning FX's cancellation of Donald Glover's animated Deadpool series, and while some folks are handling it better than others, more anger will likely surface due to this pretty gorgeous glimpse of what the series could've looked like. Animation studio Titmouse, of Metalocalypse and Black Dynamitefame, uploaded an animation test its artists had previously pitched to FX to show what they could do with a potential Deadpool series. It wouldn't have been used, sadly, but it's still as awesome as one would expect

Anyone who stopped the video after it transitioned to low-grade storyboard art needs to go back and finish this wondrous Deadpool animation, as they missed arguably the most awesome thing Deadpool has ever done. Now, the Deadpool film was great, of course, but watching the "Merc with a Mouth" kick a villainous gorilla into the blades of a helicopter for a decapitation? That's just nutso. If only we could have watched it on TV instead of as a test footage clip.

Perhaps if Titmouse had been locked in for the animated Deadpool series, all parties involved might've been keen to keep things going. The concept animation from the company who makes Venture Bros., Big Mouth, and various other fan-favorite animated shows is impressive, but it apparently wasn't what FX and Marvel were looking for. But it certainly looks like the company was shooting for a finished product look, doesn't it? Granted, the Ryan Reynolds voice work was just recycled lines from the film, and he likely wouldn't have had anything to do with the TV show. But it went a long way to making us imagine what could have been.

The fact that Titmouse's animation isn't legitimate leaked footage from FX's canceled Deadpool _series distances it from when that other leaked _Deadpool footage that led to the film getting made, but it's still getting attention nonetheless. The studio has gotten a solid number of Vimeo views, as well as support from Reddit and Twitter users hoping that someone important will see the footage and demand the show comes to life somehow. Titmouse is already semi-seriously peddling the project to some big names like Ryan Reynolds and Donald Glover, although neither actor has reacted to it as of writing:

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For now, FX's animated Deadpool series is dead in the water, but that could always change. Superhero fans curious to see what hero shows are coming to television in the coming months can find out with our superhero premiere guide. Anyone more interested in the full scope of what's coming to television in 2018 can see a fair bit of it by visiting our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide. For other cool Deadpool stuff, check out the Avengers: Infinity War hero fan edit trailer that puts DP front and center.

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