Riverdale Fans Are Calling For Cole Sprouse's Brother To Join The Show In A Wild Way

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Cole Sprouse was one of the few famous young faces to join Riverdale at the start of the series, as the young actor had already made a successful career for himself in films as well as on the Disney Channel. As happy as all those Disney fans are to see Cole thriving as Jughead on The CW, a good deal of them are desperately hoping his twin brother Dylan Sprouse eventually joins the series as well. In fact, some fans are making a plea on Twitter for the former actor to join the series in a truly wild way:

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Riverdale fans are suggesting Dylan Sprouse join the series in the role of Jughead's younger sister, Jellybean. Obviously, many of these tweets are joking, although one can't help but think a few folks are serious considering the wild stunts Riverdale has pulled thus far with its storylines. Dylan Sprouse is the identical twin to his brother, so looking similar enough to play Jughead's sister wouldn't be a problem. That said, being the exact same age might throw a wrench in this grand plan, considering Jellybean is supposed to be a middle-schooler.

Of course, where there's a will there's a way, and Hollywood can make just about anything happen. If Riverdale really wanted Dylan Sprouse to play Jellybean Jones, they could put everyone up on boxes to make him appear shorter, and take a razor to his face to shave off any gruff and make him look as close to a middle school-aged girl as possible. It would require a lot of effort that would have many crew members questioning whether or not the whole thing is worth doing as opposed to casting a younger actress, but if the show is wishing to please fans like this, they'll put in the work:

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Unfortunately, it sounds as though this fantasy Riverdale casting will never go down. Dylan Sprouse has made it clear he doesn't want to be a part of any Riverdale episodes period and has admitted to only watching one episode of the show. His brother Cole Sprouse backed him up and said in an interview (via Seventeen) he wouldn't want his brother to be on the show either, implying the two's days as twinning co-stars ended with their run on the Disney Channel. Dylan Sprouse could've changed his mind since then, although his Twitter implies he's been a little too focused on gaming lately to consider any appearances on the program.

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