Wait, Where Is Riverdale Going With Chic After That Weird Twist?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "The Noose Tightens." Read at your own risk!

The Cooper and Jones family had another adventure and sought out to ensure the town didn't find out about their dark murderous secret after authorities found the car of "Shady Man." With Riverdale's reveal that Chic is not Hal Cooper's son, there was a lot of speculation that this episode F.P. would be revealed as the boy's father. Riverdale didn't address Chic's father but did deliver a weird twist that should have everyone questioning where his character is going, literally. What's going to happen with Chic now that he's leaving the Cooper home, and why did he leave willingly?

Chic moving out is a confusing move for Riverdale, especially given the fact that he's the one who initially suggested it. Remember, this is the same kid whose worst fear since moving in was getting kicked out of the house, and now he's throwing up his hands and moving on just like that? Something sketchy is going on with Chic, and it almost seems like he has some other motive.

Chic clearly has a reason for wanting to leave the Cooper household, although Riverdale didn't give many clues as to why. Fans know the boy has a deep and really creepy love for the Cooper women, so perhaps his obsession with staying was because he felt a need to protect them. One murder and extortion plot later, Chic might've finally realized he's more of a danger to Alice and Betty staying with them than he is away, so why not find a place and still stay involved with the family? After all, Alice just wanted him out of the house, it's not like she disowned him.

Of course, there's always the obvious theory that Chic is the real Black Hood killer, which could be another reason he's so willingly wanting to strike off on his own. The death of the fake Black Hood gave Chic a chance to go legit, but now that he knows trying to be normal didn't work out, he could be wanting to get back to his killing ways. The only thing we know for certain is that the show's cast has teased that the real Black Hood will be back on Riverdale soon, and with Chic out of the Cooper home, he's definitely going to find himself on the suspect list of more than a couple fans.

Riverdale fans worried that the show is simply writing Chic off needn't worry, as it appears Betty's long-lost-brother still has a part to play in the final half of Season 2. Jughead actor Cole Sprouse mentioned a scene he shared with Betty and Chic in particular that he really enjoyed, and unless he was talking about one of the lackluster scenes the three shared in this episode, that moment is still on the horizon. That means the mystery of Chic's father, why he was so willing to move, and whether or not he's the Black Hood could all still be answered before the end of Season 2 God and Gucci willing, as Veronica would say.

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