Ash Vs. Evil Dead Cancelled At Starz, Will Not Return For Season 4

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(Image credit: Image courtesy of Starz)
(Image credit: Image courtesy of Starz)

Good things can only last for so long, and the time has come for one of TV's most bizarrely entertaining shows to end. Ash vs. Evil Dead has officially gotten the axe -- or perhaps we should say chainsaw -- from Starz after three seasons on the air and will not return for Season 4. The Season 3 finale will officially be the series finale.

The decision to cancel Ash vs. Evil Dead comes shortly before the then-Season 3 (and now series) finale is set to air on April 29. The show, which continued the story of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise, was never a huge hit in the ratings, and Season 3 has turned in disappointing numbers. Ash vs. Evil Dead debuted with 437,000 viewers in Live+Same day calculations. The latest episode (that aired on April 15) was watched by only 175,000 viewers in Live+Same day calculations.

Even though premium cable networks like Starz don't demand the same kind of ratings as broadcast or basic cable networks, less than 200,000 viewers wasn't exactly a good sign for the future of the series. Throw in the fact that Ash vs. Evil Dead was previously renewed far earlier in the year than shortly before the season finale, and the cancellation doesn't come as a huge shock, although it surely comes as a disappointment to fans.

The fact that the cancellation was announced with only two episodes left now raises the question of whether or not the series will end on a cliffhanger. According to THR, the finale will feature the Ghostbeaters as they face their most challenging test yet to battle a global demon infestation. Naturally, the infestation spreads out of Elk Grove, Michigan, prompting Ash and the others to prepare for one final battle to save humanity.

On the one hand, that description sounds an awful lot like something that would work for a series finale, and we have to wonder if perhaps the show designed the episode to work as a final episode in the event of a cancellation. On the other hand, the show may have simply raised the stakes for the season finale with every intent of returning for Season 4. Bruce Campbell did drop some comments earlier this year indicated that he wasn't 100% certain of the series' future, and he later said that he thinks "Ash is done" if Ash vs. Evil Dead gets cancelled. Campbell has shared his thoughts on the cancellation via social media, posting this:

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Bruce Campbell doesn't seem too bitter about Ash vs. Evil Dead getting the axe. In fact, he seems much more appreciative of all the opportunities afforded him by the series rather than upset that the series is ending sooner rather than later. Ash is a role that defined Campbell as an actor; we can only hope that he gets a solid sendoff in the series finale later this month.

The series finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead airs on Sunday, April 29 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz. For what you can watch after Ash vs. Evil Dead is done, be sure to check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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