The Very Special Item The Big Bang Theory Might Bring Back For Amy And Sheldon's Wedding

The Big Bang Theory is headed toward another major wedding, with Amy and Sheldon finally getting hitched. Now, we know that a big item from the couple's past might be included in the festivities. Star Mayim Bialik took to social media to share some wedding prep the show is doing, and we couldn't help but notice that one of Amy's favorite things ever is in the photo. Check it out:

That's right, folks, Amy Farah Fowler ain't gonna get married without her tiara! From the looks of this shot with Jim Parsons, which Mayim Bialik posted on her Twitter feed and tagged as a wedding rehearsal photo, it would seem to be an almost certainty that when Amy and Sheldon finally say their I-Do's on the show, she'll be wearing the tiara that he gave her all the way back in Season 5 of the hit comedy.

While Amy and Sheldon have always been 100 percent committed to their work and scientific progress, they each have varying interests that keep them busy in their down time. Sheldon loves comic books, and Amy is a fan of quilting and feeling like a princess. The Season 5 episode, "The Shiny Trinket Maneuver" saw Sheldon gift the sparkly head topper to Amy as a way to apologize for not be excited when she tells him a paper of hers will make the cover of a prestigious scientific journal. When she first realizes that he's giving her jewelry, she chastises him for being shallow, but once Amy realizes that it's a tiara, well, you can see what happened for yourself...

As you can see, Amy was positively ecstatic when she unwrapped that tiara. So much so that she probably broke a few rules of their ironclad relationship agreement by kissing Sheldon on the mouth and then hugging him in thanks in front of Penny, immediately after demanding (several times) that her friend crown her. After watching the video and checking out Mayim Bialik's tweet, I think it's safe to say that the tiaras are one and the same, and this is an absolutely perfect time for the character to bring the pretty item out of hiding. I mean, if you can't wear a freakin' tiara when you get married, when can you?

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