Martha Stewart Just Landed Her Newest TV Gig At Food Network

Martha Stewart Chopped Food Network

Many chefs have made a name for themselves in the world of television, but few have reached the level of success of Martha Stewart. Minus some non-food-related discretions, her name is synonymous with quality and all things good and tasty, so attaching her to food-related programming is always a win for fans. Food Network seems to understand this, and it's once again bringing Stewart onto the network to become the newest recurring guest judge on upcoming episodes of Chopped.

Martha Stewart will first burst onto the Chopped scene in an episode set to air Tuesday, June 5th, and she'll appear in future episodes beyond that. Stewart will sit on the judge's panel alongside the show's veterans, and she'll bring her appetite, expertise, and opinions as she rates the rapidly prepared meals from chefs battling it out for that top spot and $10,000. Will these chefs expertly handle the fiery presence of Stewart in the Chopped kitchen, or will they buckle under the pressure of having the cooking legend there to scrutinize their meals?

Food Network didn't reveal how the Chopped contestants will react to her presence, of course, but did tease what's on the menu for Martha Stewart's appearances. We'll get to see Wagyu beef, beer, and gold-covered chocolate bacon playing their parts in what is sure to be some interesting challenges for the chefs to work with. The first two basket ingredients seem pretty standard, even when mixed with bizarre basket ingredients. But will Stewart think gold-covered chocolate bacon is a good thing? Stewart's seen a lot of taste treats and been a lot of places in her long career, so maybe something even as exotic as that could be old hat to her.

Martha Stewart may be the show's newest guest judge, but she's no stranger to the overall Chopped experience. Stewart was featured as a guest judge on Season 1 of Chopped Junior, so franchise fans had been speculating and hoping for a while that she'd be joining the flagship cooking competition at some point. Stewart was not afraid to let the children know her complaints about their cooking, so no one should expect her to go soft on the adult chefs in Chopped's latest season. Fans are excited to see Stewart on the show, and some are wondering if she will try to bring one of her other TV celebrity pals along for the ride.

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Martha Stewart will pop up on Chopped on the Food Network beginning Tuesday, June 5th, at 9:00 pm ET. For a list of other shows that will be premiering before then or around the same time, be sure to visit our midseason and summer premiere guides. For more on Martha Stewart, listen to the legend say a bunch of mean and vile things during the roast of Justin Bieber. Anyone who is just here because they love cooking should check out our ranked list of the best food shows to watch on Netflix.

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