Riverdale Just Dropped A Huge Chic Twist, And There Has To Be More To The Story

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "Prisoners." Read at your own risk!

Riverdale recently revealed that Chic isn't Hal Cooper's son, but that didn't hold a candle to the huge twist revealed about the boy during "Prisoners." Fans were shocked to learn Betty's brother was nothing more than an imposter, and that the real Chic Cooper (known as Charles) was dead. Chic laid out some of the details for Betty, Jughead, and Alice. There has to be more to the story considering all the craziness that was revealed.

It all started at the Sister of Quiet Mercy, where Betty and Jughead realized the Chic they knew looked nothing like the "Charles" shown in the records of Alice's real son. After a brief scuffle that ended in Chic being tied up, the imposter revealed that he was roommates with Charles, and that Alice should've known he wasn't her real son because the real Charles had come to their house once before and that she rejected him causing him to overdose. Alice confirmed her part of the story was true and rushed off to find her mourn her dead son with the child's real father, F.P. Jones.

Charles is indeed dead, but thanks to a tip from the Black Hood, Betty and Jughead dug a little deeper and learned from Chic's neighbor that Charles didn't die of a drug overdose like Chic had said. Instead, she believed Chic had killed Charles, which Chic confessed to just before Betty gave her imposter brother a head-start. She then sicced the Black Hood on him. Chic sprinted off into the night with the Black Hood on his tail. Is that the last we've seen of him? Can Riverdale fans really be sure that Chic wasn't in on this all along? There's definitely still some questions that need to be addressed.

What was fake Chic's motivation? The news that Chic never really was Chic makes this whole arc super bizarre. Why would somebody murder their roommate, and then move in with his long-lost family? The simple Riverdale answer may be because Chic is creepy, which is fair, but it also doesn't make a lot of sense. Perhaps fake Chic wanted a family of his own. Still, if that were the case, why was he playing so coy when he first met Alice and Betty? He might've also just seen a meal ticket in living with the family, although there is another option at play here.

Is Fake Chic in cahoots with the Black Hood? The Black Hood and Chic being in league with each other may sound like a stretch but consider this: how did the Black Hood know about fake Chic killing the real Chic, and why was he never targeted until now? Was Betty's delivery a clever ruse by the Black Hood to protect his partner in crime?

If Hal Cooper turns out to be the Black Hood, this would complicate this theory. Riverdale strongly implied Betty's dad is the true Black Hood in "Prisoners," and if he is, we can assume he'd stop at nothing to get Chic out of his life permanently. That said, if Chic isn't the real Chic, and if Hal wanted the real Chic out of his life, the imposter took care of things for him. Is it possible that Hal is the Black Hood, and that he arranged for Chic's roommate to kill the real Chic and then move in with the family? If something like that were true, the Black Hood would have little incentive to kill his cohort. Given that, and the fact that Chic was last seen alive, we got one more question that all Riverdale fans should be asking.

Is this the last we've seen of Chic? Riverdale put Chic on the run as the Black Hood was in pursuit, and regardless of whether or not fans believe the two could be working together, his odds of survival looked good. The fact that Chic didn't die and that Riverdale still has three more episodes before Season 2 ends mean the imposter could certainly resurface before the season is up or down the road. If we had to guess, it probably won't be to the aid of Betty, considering how she treated him last, but with a psycho like Chic, who knows? Hell, he could even end up being the person who kills the Black Hood, provided they aren't working together.

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