Why A Revival Of The League Would Work, According To Mark Duplass

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Besides having an enthusiastic audience, one of the first hurdles any revival of a show has to overcome is having willing participants. Namely, the cast and the original creative forces need to be as eager to reprise the series as the fandom. With so many TV audiences having been satiated with a second chance to re-enter the magic of a bygone series, it is no wonder that fans want the comedy The League to be visited. The good news is original star Mark Duplass is too, saying:

We get together three or four times a year and we just miss the shit out of each other. It was our first big job, and we really were family, the six of us that were there. And so we just get together and hang out, and that said, if someone came to us and said 'Here's a dump truck of money to go make another season or movie,' I'm sure we'd have a lot of takers.

A lot of what Mark Duplass is saying regarding a potential revival of The League to IndieWire lines up with what Topher Grace recently said regarding a That '70s Show revival. Unfortunately, the same article that features Mark Duplass' upbeat quote on the topic of reviving The League has been updated to add that FX has reached out to the publication, and they have no plans to continue the series.

It is unclear if FX's statement marks the end of a potential revival of The League, or if the show could pop up elsewhere. While FX may not be interested in rebooting the show, the cast appears to be open to the chance of revisiting the series. In fact, one of the series' showrunners, Jeff Schaffer has previously stated, there were stories they didn't get to tell before the show ended.

Hopes surrounding a potential reunion were apparently fueled by a picture Mark Duplass posted on Twitter, last month. The photo showed him hanging out with his former cast mates, one of whom is Duplass' spouse. Katie Aselton, who played Jenny on the show, has been married to Duplass since 2006.

The League premiered in 2009 and ended with 84 episodes under its jersey in 2015. The show followed a group of friends living in Chicago, all of whom are active in a fantasy football league. While it has only been three years in the real world, since the show signed off, that is a lot of time for television characters.

It certainly seems like there is a lot of potential story to explore if The League were to come back somehow, continuing past its original seven season run. For now, you can fill The League-sized hole in your heart by checking out Mark Duplass and company's other works on Netflix. Several of the actors' films are currently streaming on the service, as are some of the docuseries Duplass has produced with his brother Jay.

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