Krypton May Have Revealed Doomsday A Lot Earlier Than We Thought

Syfy's Krypton finally debuted earlier this year, and it was chock full of Superman nods despite the fact that Superman himself was not to be born for quite a while. The star of the series is Seg-El, a.k.a. Superman's grandfather. The arrival of Adam Strange from the future meant that anything was theoretically possible with the inclusion of time travel, and eagle-eyed fans were able to spot DC Comics Easter eggs spread throughout the first season. The season finale ended on the reveal of Doomsday busting his way out of a cell, presumably to wreak havoc and take lives. As it turns out, however, a version of Doomsday may have been revealed way earlier than the finale. The very first hint of the Doomsday to come could have been caught by fans as early as the pilot in the Fortress of Solitude. Take a look:

Admittedly, this image isn't one that screams "legendary DC Comics villain Doomsday," but comics readers will recognize the skull as awfully similar to one of Doomsday in the New 52 comics run. The close look at the skull comes courtesy of a behind-the-scenes video of the Fortress of Solitude, and executive producer David Goyer described it as the skull of "a version of Doomsday," so viewers shouldn't take its presence to mean that the version of Doomsday that appeared in the finale will end up with his head lopped off and stored in the Fortress.

Given how quickly the Krypton pilot took Seg-El (and viewers) through the Fortress of Solitude, it's no wonder that the skull of Doomsday wasn't spotted and speculated about by fans as soon as the episode hit the airwaves. It's not even 100% clear if the skull is clearly visible in any of the Season 1 episodes, so eagle-eyed fans shouldn't necessarily feel let down that they didn't spot it. Nevertheless, if the skull of Doomsday popped up in the pilot -- even as a fleshless skull stuck in the snow -- it was a sign of the legendary villain way earlier than his appearance in the last episode of the season.

Only time will tell how much of any versions of Doomsday will have a part to play in Krypton. The good news is that Krypton has already been renewed for a second season, so fans can count on seeing more of Seg-El, his friends, his enemies, and presumably Doomsday. Interestingly, Doomsday's skull was not the only concealed Easter egg hidden in the Fortress of Solitude. Discover more in the video below:

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