MTV's The Hills Might Get A Revival Season

The Hills
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Let the reality show revivals continue! MTV is said to be considering reviving one of its flagship series, The Hills. That's right. Revive, as in not rebooting the concept with a completely new cast. Instead, MTV is reportedly hoping to get some of the original cast back together to pick up on where their lives have taken them since the show's end. Not everyone would be returning, though.

If The Hills is revived, it will do so without its original focus. Along with reporting news of the potential revival, US Weekly is ruling out the possibility that Lauren Conrad would return for it, with sources saying she's not interested. That news should not come as a huge surprise. While Conrad took a trip down memory lane to celebrate the show's 10-year anniversary in 2016 for the retrospective That Was Then, This Is Now, she left the actual series during the midway point of Season 5. At that point, the show continued with Conrad's Laguna Beach co-star Kristin Cavallari as the central focus, lasting another season and a half before ending in 2010.

So who is open to returning for this possible revival? Among those who have not shut down the possibility are Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port. Port left The Hills in Season 4, and it was not really the same after that, so if she agrees to come back for the revival, that would be huge for fans. Port starred in her own spinoff series The City, which chronicled her life in New York City and ran for two seasons before ending the same year as The Hills.

There is no confirmation as to whether official talks have begun between MTV and the cast members mentioned above. From the sound of things, the plans may be in the infancy stages. A lot has happened in the eight years since The Hills has been off the air, such as most of the cast members having started families, so the show's original storylines would not necessarily be back in full force. As long as there would be moments of drama punctuated with terrific music choices, however, The Hills should be good to go.

Many of the viewers who watched the show's original run can probably relate to the shift in the cast's stories, too, which gives an added sense of nostalgia. Fans still care about what is going on in the cast members' lives, and the opportunity to revisit the safety of The Hills will undoubtedly have its appeal. In the time it was on the air, it became a pop culture phenomenon, and it did so for a reason.

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