How Heidi Montag Feels About The Hills' Anniversary Special

A lot of people were pretty pumped about The Hills reunion special that MTV aired just a few days ago. However, there were some criticisms that the entire cast wasn't included. And former The Hills cast member Heidi Montag even live-blogged the entire special, going so far as to call it something out of a "horror movie." You can check out an excerpt of her comments, below.

Watching these scenes give me anxiety. For years, I've avoided watching these arguments. Tonight, they're showing the clips and the behind the scenes footage. I feel like I'm watching found footage from a horror movie. My falling out with Lauren makes me sad, even years later. We were so young, but the show could have ended differently. We could have gone to dinner, agreed to disagree on our issues, and make up. We could have become friends again. It's frustrating how our friendship ended. What would have happened if we remained friends?

Montag spent the entire Hills special liveblogging her version of events on Broadly. A lot of this was touching on wishing Lauren well in her new life and reflecting back on how her reality TV career really changed her life. But clearly Heidi Montag is still haunted a little bit by her former reality self, and she's not the only one that was a little discomfited by what MTV chose to air, either.

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Montag's husband, Spencer Pratt, was also pretty aggressive when talking about the special, telling EW:

I don't care if I wasn't in it. But at least do a real Hills reunion with the entire cast ... It's like, after 10 years, with all the real secrets, all the real juice, all the real behind-the-scenes, you're just going to phone in some hokey little infomercial?

To both of their credits, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now was far less than what most fans of the fun MTV series expected to get. We expected reminiscing between the characters and nostalgic-tinged clips. We expected the former cast members to interact. Instead, we got a lot of Lauren Conrad. We also got a little bit from Lauren's parents---like what?---and director Jason Sands and one of the producers popped in. But where were the rest of the cast members that made The Hills so memorable? They certainly weren't asked to participate in the special. Sure, Lauren Conrad is the person who most clearly has a career with her clothing line these days, but people would clearly have been interested to know what the other cast members are up to now.

If you would like to know what Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are up to, you can learn more here. In the meantime, next time one of these reunion specials are planned on MTV, we expect something a little bit juicier.

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