What Imposters Season 3 Could Have Been About, According To The Creators

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Imposters! Come back and read once you've caught up!

Well, Imposters has ended its run on Bravo with the Season 2 finale, but now we know what Season 3 could have been about had the show not received its untimely cancellation. According to show creators Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks, the criminal enterprise that was headed up by the Doctor would have been at the forefront of the storytelling. Here's what Adelstein had to say:

We have all of those ideas on a piece of paper. We never circled one and said we will definitely go in that direction. That being said, we knew a few beats down the line, regardless of where Sophia [Laura Archbold] and Ezra started --- whether they went to Paris or whether they started to do some small cons, or actually took over the doctor's operation --- we knew that we had a couple of complications in our back pocket that were going to come for them. It wasn't going to be an easy road for them, certain things were going to rear their heads that were really going to throw their relationship a big challenge. Plot-wise we weren't 100 percent sure, but we don't want to say what might've happened, just in case we get to write that airplane novel of it!

As you might imagine, once Ezra decided to answer one of the Doctor's ringing burner phones and get the details on some shenanigans in Cincinnati, the idea that he might actually take over the (now dead) Doctor's criminal enterprise would cause some problems for him and Sophia. With the Doctor defeated, Maggie finally getting arrested and looking like she'd pay for her crimes, and the Bumblers getting a ton of cash for their trouble, it looked like they'd all be free and clear to start their lives over again, but curiosity led Ezra to pick up that phone.

The road will not be easy for Ezra, though, if he really wants to run the show. Whenever the big dog is taken out in a scenario like this, there are always a lot of pretenders to the throne, and most of them will be willing to kill to get their competition out of the way, and that's exactly the problem that would have faced our main characters in Season 3.

Adelstein: From a plot perspective, we talked about what happens when the figurehead of these massive operations is removed. It's the Pablo Escobar thing: Once he's removed, there's all-out war because everyone wants control. We thought it would be interesting to start seeing these other crews and what ends up happening in the game if the Doctor's gone. It could be really fun for Max, it could be really fun if that catches up to the Bumblers or to Maddie.

Of course, it wouldn't have been all doom and gloom, the creators were clear to point out, in their interview with Entertainment Weekly, that they knew what fans liked and were prepared to give it to them:

Brooks: One thing we learned and saw very quickly, both seasons, was how much the audience wants everyone to be together. That always seems to be the surge of everyone's happiness, so there probably would've been more of that.

Well, Imposters may have ended its time on TV, but that doesn't mean that some industrious fans can't work all this into some awesome fan fiction sometime soon. For more on what you can catch on the small screen, be sure to check out our summer premiere guide.

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