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There is new hope for Lucifer fans, and it is coming courtesy of Amazon. As it turns out, the sci-fi series The Expanse may not be the only cancelled series that Amazon is looking to save. Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke revealed that the streaming platform was having conversations about bringing the supernatural drama back to life as recently as Thursday, June 7. In an interview, Salke acknowledged there had been talks, saying:

We were talking about Lucifer. I know that international, especially the UK group, was really bullish on that show, I haven't checked in on that today (Thursday), but I heard conversations were ongoing on that yesterday.

The crucial part of Jennifer Salke's statement to Deadline is "ongoing." It is not definitive news, but it is hopeful news for fans of the series. Ever since Lucifer was cancelled by Fox in May, fans of the show have mounted a herculean effort to save the show. Aiding in the effort has been Lucifer's showrunners and the series' star Tom Ellis. Ellis' co-star Kevin Alejandro recently opened up to CinemaBlend about the fan response surrounding the shocking cancellation.

The fan outcry has been deafening and time will tell if Amazon heeds the call to save the beloved series. Fox recently aired a couple of Lucifer's standalone episodes, and the ratings were not what many might have hoped to see. The silver lining for fans is that those episodes aired on May 28. Jennifer Salke indicated talks were happening as recent as, June 7. So the episodes' ratings performances do not appear to be playing a role in Amazon's decision to consider a pick-up.

For Fox, ratings played a prominent role in their decision. While still a major and understandable concern for network television, many streaming platforms seem to be taking a different approach to series' ratings and their impact. They have traditionally geared their content decisions towards series that are creatively satisfying and appealing.

With a passionate viewing contingent, Amazon would undoubtedly be hailed as heroes for saving the show. Adding fuel to fans' fire is that the series' ended with a cliffhanger. It is a move that has left them without closure on the characters' stories.

On that note, the ratings for Lucifer's standalone episodes do need to be put in context. They were not episodes that were resolving Season 3's cliffhanger. That is where a lot of interest is stemming from. Time will tell how these talks turn out, but for now, there is hope. The fact that fans have gotten the campaign to this point is also a huge compliment to their efforts.

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