Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Originally Thought Amy And Sheldon's Romance Was Out Of Character

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The Big Bang Theory ended its latest season with the marriage of Amy and Sheldon and started a new and hopefully delightful chapter to one of television's most bizarre romances. Hilariously enough, actress Mayim Bialik admitted the romance was so weird, she wasn't entirely sure at first the storyline with Sheldon Cooper fit Amy's character. Bialik recently spoke about her character's romance with Sheldon throughout the show's run, and admitted she's been surprised by how far it has progressed:

To be quite honest, I don't know if Jim [Parsons] and I would have planned it this way if we were the writers. I was pretty surprised when we had coitus, and was pretty surprised when we had the season finale the year before last when he proposes. I honestly didn't know if she was going to say yes. Everything is out of character until you do it and then it's part of your character. Honestly, I enjoyed being the longest running romantic and intimate, non-sexual relationship on television. I thought our characters accomplished and achieved all of the things important to them in their relationship.

The Big Bang Theory fans may have been thrilled to see Sheldon and Amy get hitched, but Mayim Bialik is nostalgic of the days before the characters had sex. Bialik added that had she and co-star Jim Parsons (Sheldon) been in charge of the writers during pitches for the two's relationship, it may not have played out the way it did on screen. Of course, Bialik added that she's playing a fictional character written and controlled by someone else, and moments like Sheldon and Amy having sex always feel weird until they happen on screen and become part of the character.

Mayim Bialik may not have originally been a fan of where Amy and Sheldon were headed, but she seems to be fine with where it all ended up. Bialik said she was a fan of the dress that Amy chose, as well as the tiara, which was the exact same one Amy got from Sheldon way back in Season 5. Bialik also was pretty jazzed about meeting Mark Hamill, which may have never happened had Amy and Sheldon never tied the knot.

Mayim Bialik's openness and opinion on her character's direction is far from surprising, as the 42-year-old actress has often analyzed her character. Prior to this, Bialik chronicled The Big Bang Theory's marriage storyline and talked about how Amy's wedding clashed with a lot of her personal views on wedding traditions and felt awkward considering her status as a divorcee. Bialik's quotes to EW regarding her original views on Amy's relationship with Sheldon as well as other comments regarding the character should be viewed as a rare treat for television audiences, as they reveal some of the struggles actors tussle with that fans don't often hear about.

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