The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Congratulates His 'Fake Wife' Kaley Cuoco After Wedding

The Big Bang Theory co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki have quite a history together, both on and off the screen. Having been a real-world couple around a decade ago, the pair remained close friends after their break-up, later ending up getting betrothed within the context of the CBS sitcom. This past weekend, Cuoco married her boyfriend Karl Cook after a seven-month engagement, and you can bet that Galecki was on hand to happily watch the nuptials. Check out the lovely way he congratulated his TV ball-and-chain below.

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While he did also post a more standard face-the-camera shot with the celebratory couple, Johnny Galecki chose a slightly more offbeat and less pose-y shot here. Perhaps the presumed suddenness is why both he and Cuoco look so absolutely radiant and beyond-happy in the pic. These are friends who have been through a lot together, both the thick and the thin, and it's awesome that they're still close enough to share time together on Cuoco's big wedding day. Not like "move into an apartment together with Jim Parsons as a roommate" close, but still on extremely even ground.

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco share the somewhat rare TV distinction of having their TV characters Leonard and Penny getting married not just once, but twice within the same TV season. As fans know, Season 9 kicked off with the couple eloping in Las Vegas, with friends watching the ceremony via web streaming, and it then wrapped up with a more traditional wedding, with family members making the visit. (And doing more than just making the trip, when it comes to Leonard's father Alfred and Sheldon's mother Mary.) Their Big Bang characters also ended Season 11 at a wedding, though not for Leonard and Penny, but for Sheldon and Amy.

Below, you can see Johnny Galecki standing before the camera with both Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, while somewhat amusingly cutting his "fake wife" out of the shot altogether.

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If only Leonard could rock a necktie and a head of just-so-scruffly hair the way that Johnny Galecki can.

Perhaps expectedly, Johnny Galecki wasn't the only Big Bang Theory co-star that made an appearance at Kaley Cuoco's wedding. No sign of everyone else within her TV family, but Mayim Bialik did share a pic of herself sitting at a table and living it up with Wil Wheaton.

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Congratulations to Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook! Hopefully this story tides over The Big Bang Theory fans for a while, too, since the CBS comedy won't be back on Monday nights until this fall. In the meantime, head to our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that'll pop up first.

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