The Big Arrow-verse Crossover Is Leaving One Show Out This Year

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The CW is the place to be for live-action superhero exploits on the small screen, with an entire universe already comprised of four shows in its primetime lineup. The shows have crossed over every year since The Flash joined Arrow in the Arrow-verse, and the four shows all came together for a four-part event for the first time in 2017's big crossover event. Another gigantic crossover is in the works for 2018, but it won't run for four episodes. Legends of Tomorrow will not be included in the next big crossover event.

Details are currently scarce about the big crossover, but The CW confirmed to CinemaBlend that only Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl will have episodes in the event, which will evidently run for three hours rather than four like 2017. Assuming the non-Legends of Tomorrow series air their episodes on their regular nights, the crossover should start on Sunday night with an episode of Supergirl, progress with an episode of Arrow on Monday night, and conclude with an episode of The Flash on Tuesday.

The crossover already sounds like a must-see TV event. While we don't know anything about the plot, we do know the identity of a certain character who will make her debut in the crossover: Batwoman. News broke on July 17 that The CW and Greg Berlanti are developing the very first live-action Batwoman project. Given that Arrow established the existence of both Gotham City and Bruce Wayne in Season 6, it was likely only a matter of time before a member of DC Comics' Bat-family turned up. I'll be curious to see if Batwoman's story is set on Earth-1 with Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow or on an alternate world like Supergirl.

A big question now is why Legends of Tomorrow won't have an episode in the crossover. It's entirely possible that The CW simply didn't want to stretch the crossover event into four hours like 2017 and it's easier to bring Legends of Tomorrow to one of the other shows than one of the other shows to Legends of Tomorrow. The Legends themselves could easily drop by the crossover episodes without getting their own showcase.

The tricky aspect of that theory is the fact that The CW's revamped schedule for the fall places Legends of Tomorrow between Arrow on Mondays at 8 p.m. and The Flash on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. For the Arrow-verse that week to make sense, Legends of Tomorrow will either need to not air a new episode or explore a story that has the Legends on a journey somewhere far from the reality and present of Earth-1. I wouldn't put it past the Legends to wind up somewhere unreachable, especially now that Constantine is going to be on the scene.

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