Aaron Paul's Daughter Had The Best Breaking Bad Cosplay At Comic-Con

Breaking Bad celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a reunion at San Diego Comic-Con, and while there was a small army of dedicated Hall H attendees ready to hear whatever stories and secrets the cast had to tell, no one was more prepared for the event than Aaron Paul's daughter. The five-month-old Story Annabelle Paul was dressed to impress as she donned a replica of one of the costumes her father wore for everyone in attendance at Hall H, including CinemaBlend, to see:

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Story Annabelle opted out of a "Heisenbaby," outfit and instead went for the yellow hazmat suit worn by both Jesse and Walt in Breaking Bad. The Comic-Con crowd loved the outfit and responded in kind as Aaron Paul brought his daughter on the stage to join Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, and many others who were on hand for the reunion. The internet family had the same response, as the Instagram picture sits just over half a million likes.

Story Annabelle wasn't just loved by the fans of Breaking Bad, however, as some of the cast were eager to jump in and get a photo with the Breaking Bad baby. Bryan Cranston posed with Aaron Paul and Story for a quick picture, which resulted in an Instagram caption that might just be the best 2018 has seen so far:

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Unfortunately, Story Annabelle's awesome Breaking Bad costume seems to be a custom creation, as a quick search around the web for "baby hazmat suits," came up dry. That's probably for the best, especially given the show isn't exactly family-friendly, and society might frown upon people who aren't Jesse Pinkman dressing their child up like a meth dealer. That said, if this picture inspires a company to develop its own line of Breaking Bad costumes for babies, we certainly won't complain.

Breaking Bad isn't coming back to television any time soon, although Bryan Cranston is trying to keep fans' hopes alive with his theory that Walt may not be as dead as everyone thinks. Read up about that, or get ready for the return of the wonderful spinoff Better Call Saul, which is on AMC Sunday, August 6 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what other shows will be premiering that night or in the weeks ahead, head on over to our summer premiere guide. Those still needing their Breaking Bad fix can check out this hilariously weird video Aaron Paul and Cranston did for the reunion.

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