Supergirl Trailer Season 4 Reveals A Huge New Threat For Kara

Supergirl came to an end back in June on a wild cliffhanger that introduced a potentially evil version of Kara Danvers in the first look at an adaptation of DC's Red Son comic series. It also saw the departure of Mon-El, revealed why Winn won't be around as much, and sent the other main characters in some unexpected directions. Basically, fans have had a lot of questions about what's to come in the new season, and the first trailer (courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con) indicates that Kara is in for a lot of trouble due to a new threat. See for yourself!

It looks like Supergirl's quest for truth, justice, and the American way will be more complicated and potentially even more dangerous in Season 3! Sam Witwer, as Agent Liberty, is narrating about all the havoc that aliens have wreaked on the world and National City. Much of it is admittedly old footage, but there's no shortage of examples of Supergirl and other aliens doing damage to the planet. That said, Agent Liberty didn't exactly share the context of the damage being done, so anyone who may be listening to him may be easily swayed against aliens like Supergirl and J'onn.

Agent Liberty doesn't even show his face on screen and it's already clear that he'll be a formidable foe. He may not physically deliver the brutal beatdowns on the Girl of Steel that Reign pulled off, but he could do more to harm Supergirl in a different way. If she's rejected by the public, she won't be able to do her job, and a lot of people could die. Personally, my fingers are crossed that Agent Liberty's vendetta brings President Marsdin back into the mix. She would surely want to put a stop to him before he causes irreparable damage, and I would not say "no" to more Lynda Carter in Season 4.

The trailer also gave a look at Kara's doppelganger, who will be known as the Red Daughter for Supergirl's loose adaptation of the Red Son comic arc. It was hard to guess exactly what twists the show would put on the arc, and though we don't have enough footage to say for sure, we can say that her costume is quite different than what Kara prefers. Landing down in Russia rather than Midvale changes a girl!

Supergirl will return to The CW with new episodes in a new time slot with a premiere on October 18. Stay tuned for more news of the Arrow-verse shows, and swing by our summer TV premiere guide for what you can watch while we wait for the superheroes to return to the small screen in October. Check out our list of Supergirl characters that need to come back in Season 4, as not all of them turned up in the Season 4 trailer.

Laura Hurley
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