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Big Brother Season 20 didn't need a Hacker twist for there to be gameplay and drama, but a Hacker Twist happened nonetheless. We have the update on the results of the Veto ceremony and what's going on in the house right now. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how things are going into Thursday night's eviction episode...

Head of Household


Originally nominated


Scottie (saved by Hacker)

Won the Hacker competition


Nominated by the Hacker


Won the Veto


Veto Used?

Yes, Tyler was saved. Bayleigh went up

Currently Nominated



Big Brother Tyler Veto

As we expected, despite spending a fair amount of time chatting game with Bayleigh over the weekend, Angela went and used the Veto to take Tyler off the block and blindside Bayleigh with a replacement-nomination. As of right now, Bayleigh is the target to go home.

Why Bayleigh? Well, the main reason given is that the Level 6 alliance thinks there's a good chance Bayleigh's the Hacker. After Sunday night's episode, we know for a fact that she isn't, but Haleigh has smartly kept her mouth shut about having that power, and while her name has been floated around as a possibility, it seems more likely that Bayleigh is a convenient option on whom to pin the blame. As it's been stated by multiple Level 6 members, it doesn't matter whether or not Bayleigh is actually the Hacker. In the end, she has that Identity Theft power app and they don't want her to have the chance to use it next week.

The Veto Ceremony doesn't happen on the live feeds, but from conversations that were had afterward, it sounds like Angela openly pinned the blame for Tyler's nomination on Bayleigh during her speech. And it also sounds like there was some kind of heated exchange between Bayleigh and Tyler, which may have been an actual outburst on Tyler's part. Bayleigh said something about Tyler yelling at her when she tried to talk to him. It's really hard to picture Tyler yelling at anyone though, so that may have been an exaggeration. Either way, Bayleigh was visibly upset and frustrated after the ceremony, not only for being nominated but also for being blamed as the Hacker.

Angela has spoken to a number of houseguests after the Veto ceremony, but she denied Bayleigh the opportunity to talk to her just yet, and she mentioned wanting to make sure there are other people around if and when a conversation actually does happen with Bayleigh, so that Bayleigh won't be able to mix up facts.

On one hand, Bayleigh's getting the short end of the stick here. Not only is she not the Hacker, but there's also been talk about her intending to backdoor Tyler last week, which wasn't the case. The problem really seems to be that people don't trust Bayleigh or have much reason to. And it undoubtedly didn't help her case that her power app got exposed to the whole house during Thursday night's live episode. But on the other hand, it seems only fair to note that she wasn't especially effective in securing trust or loyalty last week during her reign as Head of Household. Worse still, the whole reason her power app was exposed was because she spilled the beans to Rachel... whom she then put on the block. She may have been trying to instill trust with Rachel at the time, but that's a massive piece of information to put out there to anyone, let alone someone she's not allied with. And now everyone knows about it, which makes the power more of a liability than anything else.

Of course, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Bayleigh could stay this week and Rockstar could be evicted. Keep in mind, the Hacker has one power left and that's the ability to eliminate a vote. But if Haleigh wants to save Bayleigh, she'll likely have a hard time doing that without actively campaigning and rallying a couple of extra votes to go with hers and Fessy's. With one vote eliminated, there will be seven votes to evict on Thursday. Tyler, Kaycee, Brett and most likely Scottie, JC and Sam will -- as of right now, anyway -- presumably all vote to evict Bayleigh. So, unless something changes and at least two of those people flip their votes to evict Rockstar, the one-vote elimination won't be enough to save Bayleigh. And Haleigh only runs the risk of upsetting Rockstar and/or exposing herself as the Hacker if she makes too much of an open effort to get the votes to send Rockstar out of the house. It may not be worth the risk.

Of course, it's still early in the week and there are a couple of days between now and Thursday for things to turn around for Bayleigh.

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