Stephen Amell's Arrow Beard Is Coming Along Nicely

Stephen Amell is busting his ass and making his beard extra bushy for Arrow Season 7. The actor popped up online not long ago to talk about the physical gauntlet he's been put through in the first batch of episodes, and now he's back again to show off some particularly fuzzy facial hair. As fans can see in the picture below, that beard of his is coming along quite nicely:

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No doubt there are some Arrow fans that are pretty pumped to see the actor with such a glorious beard. After all, the Green Arrow of the comics is one of the few superheroes with facial hair, so purist fans are always excited when Amell pops up on social media with some considerable chin scruff. Stephen Amell appears on the fence about his beard on a personal level, as him calling his situation "untenable" seems to indicate he thinks it's getting out of control.

There were several Arrow fans who agreed with Amell, many of whom let him know on his social media. Whether it was with an Edward Scissorhands gif that showed the character trimming bushes or a conversation with another fan that they don't care much for "comic book accuracy," there were plenty of people letting the actor know they're completely fine with Oliver picking up a razor in Season 7. Those fans might be out of luck, however, as one would imagine Queen is banned from any sharp objects available for shaving at the prison commissary, lest he tries to use it to defend himself against the litany of villains out to get him.

One interesting thing to note about Stephen Amell's latest photo update is that his beard appears to be longer than it was in the Season 7 trailer for Arrow. This may mean Oliver's prison stay is going to be a lot longer than even the trailer hinted at, or the hero might be in a situation where finding a razor isn't the easiest thing at the moment. For example, Oliver might've broken out of prison and is in the woods, although his escape seems unlikely as it would almost certainly cancel out the rest of Team Arrow's immunity and get them locked up. Perhaps Oliver gets released from prison and just has trouble acclimating to life on the outside? If so, let's hope William doesn't make the mistake of trying to snag a piece of bacon of his dad's breakfast plate and end up being threatened with a homemade shank to the ribs!

Fans will get to see what's in store for Oliver Queen and his facial fur when Arrow Season 7 premieres on The CW Monday, October, 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep up on what's happening with other hero shows via our superhero premiere guide, or visit our summer and fall premiere guides for a look at all things coming to cable television.

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