Arrow Season 7 Trailer Reveals Oliver In Prison And A New Green Arrow

Arrow ended its sixth season on a twist that's bound to change the show, and the entire Arrow-verse, for however much longer they run on The CW. With the leading man outed as the Green Arrow and then sent to prison among a slew of villains, there's simply no way for everybody to go back to life as normal, even if Oliver ends up loosed from the clink early on in Season 7. The first trailer as released at San Diego Comic-Con proves that however long Oliver is in prison, he'll be in a lot of danger, and Star City won't be doing too great in his absence. The good news? A new Green Arrow is stepping up. Take a look at the first footage from the seventh season!

Well, if you thought anybody on the show might have had a super chill time over hiatus, I'd say this trailer proved that these characters were fully dealing with the non-chill finale issues for those months off-screen. At least it looks like whatever time travel shenanigans that went down on The Flash (courtesy of the West-Allen family tree) didn't ruin anything for Arrow, such as switching anybody's child from a boy to a girl. Poor William isn't doing too well, and something tells me that the new Green Arrow won't be stepping up as father figure.

Speaking of the new Green Arrow, the trailer answered a question that fans started asking as soon as we knew Oliver was going behind bars: what happens to Green Arrow proper? Well, even though vigilantes weren't much of an issue in Star City for the five months prior to the premiere, someone else is getting down to business as the Emerald Archer. And while it could feasibly be anyone beneath that hood in those final seconds, something tells me it's Colton Haynes' Roy Harper. Because if you're going to have Haynes back as a series regular, and you don't go full Arsenal in the trailer, then what does that mean? It means Roy is probably returning specifically to take on a new moniker.

But enough about the superhero persona, and more about the bruised and battered Oliver Queen that is present throughout the entirety of the trailer. Heading into prison was not a good move for the sanctity of Oliver's face, especially since he's sharing prison space with some of the very villains he put in there. As revealed in the trailer, fans can look forward to meeting back up with Vinnie Jones' Danny "Brick" Brickwell, Michael Jai White's Ben "Bronze Tiger" Turner, Cody Runnels' Derek Sampson. Like their fists look forward to meeting back up with Oliver's temples. But at least prison is good for Mr. Queen's abs.

Not revealed in the trailer is that Arrow has cast three actors as the ruthless villains the Longbow Hunters, who will be the team that Ricardo Diaz hires to take out Oliver and Team Arrow for good. Whistler's Holly Elissa will play Red Dart, called "a ruthless and precise killer." Van Helsing's Michael Jonsson will play Kodiak, known as "a beast of a man with brute force." And then there's Orphan Black's Miranda Edwards as the "master of stealth" called Silencer. Here's hoping they lead Team Arrow back to Diaz, even if some chaos has to go down first.

Arrow is moving to a new night and different time slot for Season 7 with its October 15 premiere, and you can find out what you need to know on The CW's fall TV guide. Our summer TV guide is definitely worth a look as well to help you fill the time until the superhero shows come back

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