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The cast of Lucifer Season 4 just got even larger, both in number and in physical size. Production on the now-Netflix series has been ramping up this month, and it has cast Outlander fan-favorite Graham McTavish, who starred as Dougal McKenzie on the Starz series, for a pivotal role in Lucifer that should shake up the story in Season 4. So, who is McTavish playing?

Well, the actor will be taking on the recurring role of Father Kinley, per TVLine. Described as a respected priest who is known to be caring and profoundly empathetic, Father Kinley fiercely guards his flock, and in his commitment to doing so, he undertakes whatever measures he feels are necessary in order to safeguard humanity from evil. So, if you think that Lucifer may have something to be worried about, you are probably right to think so. And then vice versa.

Graham McTavish's casting for the supernatural drama is the latest in a week of major casting announcements for the series. Earlier this week, news broke that Imposters star Inbar Lavi had been cast as Eve, another character who is bound to shake up Lucifer. How will the devil deal with the romantic pursuit of Eve and the protective mission of Father Kinley? That'll be something for fans to find out in Season 4, which will have ten episodes to tell new tales for these characters and the rest of the ensemble.

It appears Lucifer will have a lot to keep fans speculating about as they await its return. The show started production again earlier this month, and those involved have already shared the season premiere's episode title. Thankfully for fans, Lucifer has not been shy about sharing new information about its inaugural season on Netflix that everyone fought so hard to get.

It will be interesting to learn how Eve and Father Kinley, each fold into the season's arc. There is no mention of the two crossing paths in their description, so time will tell if their stories end up intersecting with one another, as well as with Lucifer.

Graham McTavish is no stranger to supernatural dramas, either. The actor currently has an intimidating role on the AMC series Preacher. He plays The Saint of Killers on that religion-tinged drama, so starring on Lucifer fits into his current genre workload properly, even if the roles are quite juxtaposed. You do not become a fan-favorite on Outlander for no reason, so viewers who are not familiar with Graham McTavish's work on the time travel series should definitely be in for a treat!

Lucifer Season 4 is projected to bow sometime in 2019 on Netflix. For new television content set to premiere on Netflix this year, check out our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. Summer is still not over. Check out the new shows coming soon with CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide and our guide to TV's fall premieres.

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