Nickelodeon's Splat Started Its Own Streaming Channel For '90s Shows

Rocko's Modern Life Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has had a lot of peaks and successes throughout its run as a network, although it's hard to deny that the '90s were a particularly special time for those that watched. The brand has frequently beckoned back to the '90s Nicktoons era with various promotions, reboots, and revivals, and now they're taking things one step further. Nickelodeon has partnered with streaming platform VRV and created a streaming channel called NickSplat that capitalizes on its existing block of programming on Teen Nick (previously called The Splat), and will give viewers an experience that they didn't know they wanted.

NickSplat will have a rotating list of nearly 30 classic Nickelodeon shows from the '90s that include both animated and live-action classics. Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, and more will be available to VRV subscribers, who Deadline reports will have two ways of purchasing. NickSplat can be purchased for the a la carte price of $5.99 a month, or interested buyers can subscribe to VRV's premium bundle which includes a bunch of other programs for $9.99 a month. Both options are attractive for different reasons, so as Olmec would say, "The choice is yours, and yours alone!"

Nickelodeon will enter the streaming world via VRV, which Viacom executive vice president of distribution and business development partnerships Sam Cooper noted is known for a subscriber base that is passionate about animation. NickSplat will be competing with indie animation outlets Cartoon Hangover and Mondo, as well as a slew of subtitled and dubbed anime that will compete for users attention. That said, Viacom doesn't appear too rattled by the thought of competition, as Cooper added that Nickelodeon's library of programming has been in high demand.

Nickelodeon launching NickSplat is a big get for VRV, which Head of Content Partnerships Eric Berman said has been trying to add more channels to its platform. The company is continuing to pitch its platform to more traditional cable outlets, and trying to sell them on the idea of expanding their reach into digital programming. Berman admitted launching a digital subscription service isn't the easiest thing to do, and that he's seen a "lot of people fail" trying to create one. VRV seems to be working to help Viacom not be one of those companies who fail, as the company is celebrating the launch with experiential '90s themed events that will take place across the nation.

NickSplat is currently live on VRV, and users can access its full slate of programming by purchasing a subscription to it individually or getting a premium package. For some information regarding what shows are coming to television in the near future, be sure to visit and bookmark our summer and fall premiere guides.

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