Everybody Is Stressed As Hell In New Trailer For Sean Penn's Hulu Drama The First

Hulu is venturing into outer space with its upcoming original series The First, which will follow a group of people working to send a manned mission to Mars for the first time. Sean Penn stars in his first series regular role on the small screen, and he's surrounded by a cast that includes a Designated Survivor vet. The first trailer for the new series has finally hit the web, and it proves that everybody involved with the mission to Mars will be super stressed out. Take a look!

Well, sign me up for not going on any missions to Mars! The trailer for the new series reveals that the visionaries who dream of sending humans to Mars for the first time won't have any easy time of even getting off the ground. It looks like they'll encounter resistance from everybody ranging from officials to their own families, and one young lady appears to have at least attempted suicide due to the pressure. Sean Penn clearly didn't go for a light and fluffy project for his first regular TV role.

The First will follow the lives of the five people who want to fulfill the destiny of eight billion. Set in the near future, the drama will feature the crew as they are forced to make significant personal sacrifices for the larger cause of pioneering space to reach the red planet. As the trailer footage makes quite clear, the astronauts will face more than just personal difficulties. Indeed, there will be very real danger in their endeavor as they attempt something no other astronauts have accomplished before. If successful, the crew will cement their places in the history books. If not, their attempt at pioneering will amount to an ill-fated mission-turned-tragedy.

The first season of The First will premiere on Hulu on September 14. Unlike Hulu originals like Castle Rock (which was recently given an intriguing renewal order), The First won't release new episodes on a weekly basis. No, the full first season of the new series will be available for binge-watching as soon as it goes live on September 14. Whether you're somebody who likes to watch multiple episodes in a row or view in moderation, The First could be a great way to kick off the fall TV season.

The trailer for The First is only the latest exciting development on the Hulu front. The second season of Marvel's Runaways will kick off in December and deliver the show's "first real breadcrumb" connecting to the larger MCU. It presumably won't be showing half the kids suddenly affected by the events of Avengers: Infinity War. A Veronica Mars revival is reportedly in the works at the streaming service as well. Basically, there's a lot to look forward to.

Check out Hulu on September 14 to discover what's in store for Sean Penn and the rest on The First. For some additional viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, swing by our fall TV guide.

Laura Hurley
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