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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Trailer Is Chaotic And Creepy

American Horror Story is on its way back to the small screen for its eighth season, and a new trailer indicates that it could be the weirdest season to date. Given everything American Horror Story has done in the past (ranging from insane murders to a microwaved guinea pig), it takes a lot for any season to take the cake as the most bizarre batch of episodes in the show's history. Still, the trailer's footage of the season that will combine elements of the Coven and Murder House seasons set against an apocalyptic backdrop points to something that even the most seasoned fans will have to admit is bonkers in its chaos. Take a look!

Well, it's been a while since American Horror Story promised some good old-fashioned Antichrist action, but here we go! Apocalypse will bring back Vivien and Tate's demonic son, conceived when ghost Tate raped the living Vivien while wearing the black rubber suit, and the "Hail Satan" comment from Kathy Bates' character is likely directed at a grown-up (and presumably no less demonic) Michael. It was stated back in the Murder House season that kicked off American Horror Story that the child of a human and a ghost would be the bringer of the end of days, and the fact that Season 8 is called Apocalypse is a pretty good sign that the prediction is coming true.

The Rubber Man can be seen in the trailer footage, but there's no sign of who is wearing the rubber suit. Tate wore the suit during Murder House, and Evan Peters' casting in Apocalypse means that Tate could indeed be back in rubber once again. That said, we shouldn't take anything for granted. If American Horror Story can deliver a season combining Murder House with Coven and setting it in a creepy mansion/nuclear bunker, then American Horror Story can put somebody other than Tate in the Rubber Man suit.

The trailer introduces Outpost Three, which is apparently a safe haven from outside radiation. The survivors who are welcomed into Outpost Three are informed that they can never leave, lest they allow radiation to seep into the building and harm all the people (and witches) living within the walls. "Unauthorized copulation" is strictly forbidden, which makes me wonder two things: what happens when people inevitably hook up at Outpost Three and how exactly copulation is sometimes authorized. My money at the moment is on authorized copulation having something to do with the people on top determining who should procreate with whom to guarantee the survival of the human race, but only time will tell.

Apparently, whoever brought people into Outpost Three to survive the radiation also brought in at least one snake, because why create a creepy outpost filed with witches and demons unless there's at least one snake? The snake is less creepy than the centipedes of the Cult credits, so that's something. All things considered, we're in for as wild a ride as ever, if not more wild. If you're not up on the cast for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, check out our breakdown. The new season will premiere on Wednesday, September 12 at 10 p.m. ET on FX. For more important TV dates in the not-too-distant future, check out our fall TV schedule.

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