Last Man Standing Season 7 Premiere Released Online Early, Watch It Here

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One of the biggest debuts of the fall season is Last Man Standing's return to fans following its untimely cancellation by ABC last year. Having stepped in as the show's saving grace, Fox has been big on promoting the upcoming Season 7, and the network made quite the big and fan-friendly decision to release the premiere episode online nearly a week ahead of its linear TV premiere. That's definitely one way to get people talking.

In fact, you don't even have to go anywhere to see how Season 7 starts up. You can watch the entire premiere episode below, via Last Man Standing's official Twitter page.

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While I won't be going into spoilers about the episode here, as not to ruin the experience for those who haven't watched yet, there's nothing wrong with saying that viewers will be seeing a couple of new faces in the Season 7 premiere. The Ranch's Molly McCook took over for Molly Ephraim as the middle daughter Mandy, with the replacement casting gets an amusing nod in the ep, and Jet Jurgensmeyer replaced Flynn Morrison as Kristin and Ryan's son Boyd, whose relationship with grandfather Mike will be explored as the season goes on. As well, the premiere features Kaitlyn Dever's Eve fresh from Air Force Academy; we likely won't see as much from her as we have in the past, given the actress' other projects. We'll have to wait for future episodes to meet the all-new character played by Krista Marie Yu.

Last Man Standing recently held a promotion to find its biggest fan by seeing who could last the longest through a mega-marathon. And it gave the show's stars an opportunity to give thanks back to the fanbase for all the support the comedy has gotten. You can check out Nancy Travis' message below.

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Fox was responsible for its own arguably short-sighted decisions to cancel popular comedies, having booted Andy Samberg's Brooklyn Nine-Nine earlier this year, with NBC taking over and renewing the zany series for a sixth season. We're still waiting to see what that new season will look like, as it'll be a midseason addition, but Last Man Standing has let fans in on the fun early.

For those who would prefer to watch all the Last Man Standing Season 7 episodes entirely through traditional means, the sitcom will be starting up on Fox on Friday, September 28, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Will it beat out ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, which is currently being used to head up the network's revamped TGIF lineup? While waiting to find out, head to our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else is coming soon.

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