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Batwoman DC Comics

The Arrow-verse is gearing up to introduce Batwoman in the upcoming mega-crossover, and The CW might have just thrown viewers a big bone as to how she'll fit into the picture. Fans are no doubt speculating left and right after the network dropped the long-anticipated title for the crossover, which references the popular alternate reality/timeline comics Elseworlds:

One possible implication from the "Elseworlds" title is that Batwoman's Gotham City is set on an Earth separate from the one shared by The Flash and Arrow. Obviously, Supergirl is already set on another Earth, which could mean that she and Batwoman share the same stomping global grounds. The theory does fit, given that Supergirl has its fair share of Batman-leaning references, especially when Superman was around, even though specific mentions involving Bruce Wayne are kept mostly to Earth-1.

Of course, there are multiple Earths in the Arrow-verse, and just because Supergirl has referenced Gotham City-related things in the past does not mean its the same Gotham City occupied by Ruby Rose's Batwoman. The heroine could be stationed in another world entirely that the heroes haven't visited yet, which would be comparable to how the trip to Earth-X was in that mega-crossover. A different Earth sounds like a better explanation for the "Elseworlds" title than something non-continuity or an alternate timeline, especially considering The CW is planning a standalone series for Batwoman. We can still hope for Gotham by "Flash"-light though, amirite?

There's even more mystery to the "Elseworlds" title, as Marc Guggenheim teased some other noteworthy news is coming out of the Arrow-verse, which turned out to be Designated Survivor star LaMonica Garrett getting cast to play The Monitor. That big addition could also mean this storyline will tie into the multiverses of the Arrow-verse in some way.

If nothing else, it makes it more plausible that Batwoman's Gotham City could exist on a previously unvisited Earth, offering a potential reason for Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl to happen upon it. In the comics, The Monitor was a being that existed outside of the multitude of universes and sought to defeat his evil world-destroying counterpart Anti-Monitor. Their conflict would ultimately lead to the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, which is an event DC fans have hoped to see brought to life for quite some time. It's also an event that could really mess up the Arrow-verse shows permanently, so perhaps this being an "Elseworlds" tale separated from continuity would be ideal if The CW wants to recreate one of the biggest comic storylines in DC history without having to keep it going.

The CW's Arrow-verse crossover is a three-night event that kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, December 8, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with Arrow and Supergirl airing on the successive days in the same time slot. For more on other television shows coming out before then, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.