NCIS: New Orleans Alum Shalita Grant Is Returning To TV

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NCIS: New Orleans lost a key member of its ensemble back in Season 4 when actress Shalita Grant left the series. Special Agent Sonja Percy is no longer tackling cases with the rest of the New Orleans branch of NCIS, but fans will be able to find Grant back on the small screen, and she'll dabble in comedy this time around. Grant landed a role on the dark comedy Search Party on TBS.

Shalita Grant will play a character by the name of Cassidy, and she sounds quite different from Sonja Percy on NCIS: NOLA. Cassidy is a law school graduate who is more than a little superficial. She has become addicted to a fast-paced lifestyle and career, although her "vocal fry" and "arrested development" (via Deadline) may complicate things.

Cassidy agrees to take on a case pro-bono, although definitely not out of the goodness of her heart. No, she wants to prove herself and advance her career as quickly as possible, and she sees this case as a way to make that happen. Her superficial goal proves deeper than she could have expected, and she winds up in over her head in the case of the Search Party group.

In case you're not up on the dark comedy, here's what you've been missing with Search Party. The first season of the show focused on the disappearance of main character Dory's college friend. Dory recruited her pals to help (however reluctantly) try and track down her missing acquaintance. The second season sees the characters dealing with a death that they must try and cover up.

The pro bono case Cassidy will tackle is none other than Dory's. Based on the events of the first two seasons, it's not difficult to see how the case will escalate pretty quickly for the lawyer. The good news for fans of Shalita Grant is that Cassidy won't be just a one-off guest star. No, she's on board in a recurring capacity, so we should see at least more than one appearance from her.

Search Party is expected to return in 2019, with no premiere date released at this point. Depending on when in the new year it premieres, we could see Shalita Grant back on TV with Netflix before she debuts on TBS. Grant landed a role on Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 over the summer. That show too is expected to return in 2019.

Shalita Grant's Santa Clarita Diet character will be an FBI agent, and Grant has plenty of experience as a law enforcement character thanks to NCIS: New Orleans. Search Party could showcase her talents as an actress in a brand new way, and fans of her work from NCIS: NOLA or any of her other projects would probably be well-off to check out Search Party in 2019.

In case you need some shows to watch between now and whenever Shalita Grant returns to the small screen, check out our fall TV guide for your options and when to watch them. For new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans (without Grant), check out CBS on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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