Scrubs' Creator To Reunite With Sarah Chalke For New TV Show

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Sarah Chalke found tremendous success on the medical comedy Scrubs. So, it only makes sense for her to reteam with the series' creative power. Chalke has boarded a brand new dramedy in the works from Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence. Here is what you need to know.

Sarah Chalke has signed on to star and co-executive produce the upcoming dramedy, per Deadline. The show, which is in development at ABC, boasts an intriguing angle. In a fascinating turn, the show is inspired by Chalke's life. Described as a "family dramedy," the show will chronicle the lives of two polar-opposite sisters. Naturally, something brings them together. Or at least, forces them to interact.

That incentive comes by way of the adoption agency run by their parents. One of whom is a lawyer and the other a social worker. The duo has run the agency out of their house for the past 30 years. Sarah Chalke's character and her sister are tasked with taking it over. Why the parents are stepping away is not specified. The other sister has yet to be cast.

Sarah Chalke is actually the middle child of three sisters. So, it is unclear if the autobiographical angle of the dramedy is based on her two sisters. The show will be written by Emily Fox, the executive producer of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. Scrubs' Bill Lawrence will produce the as-yet-to-be-titled ABC dramedy. It is worth noting that Lawrence and Sarah Chalke both have strong ties to the Alphabet Network.

Scrubs originally ran on NBC before being cancelled, and subsequently revived on ABC. Bill Lawrence's next comedy, Cougar Town started its run on the network. Sarah Chalke had a recent stint on ABC, starring in the Roseanne revival. She starred on the original series as Becky, off and on.

If the show is picked up, it would mean a return to ABC for Sarah Chalke. The premise of the new show sounds intriguing and rife with story opportunities. It seems like it would be a single-camera comedy, and those have been popular with ABC lately. So, it comes across as a highly likely option for a pickup. The show would make a strong choice for either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Both nights currently feature a heavy comic slate.

The reunion between Sarah Chalke and Bill Lawrence is not unexpected. Following the end of Scrubs, Chalke recurred on his comedy, Cougar Town. It will be fun for her to have her own starring vehicle though. Long an impressive supporting actress, Chalke has proven herself as a more than capable lead. For instance, she was fantastic in the 2009 miniseries Maneater.

Given how early Sarah Chalke's show is in development, no premiere date is currently set for the series. So, stay tuned for TV's new fall slate in the meantime.

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