Fuller House Season 4 Gives Us A First Look At Pregnant Kimmy

The holidays will be getting a helping hand from Netflix's Full House revival. The premiere of its fourth season will coincide with a potential holiday binge-watch. Fuller House Season 4 will premiere December 14 on Netflix. Here to tide you over until that day arrives is a glimpse at a pregnant Kimmy. See the picture below:

Fuller House Danny Becky Max Stephanie Kimmy Netflix

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That's right. Fuller House is about to become even more so. For those not in the know, Kimmy is not pregnant with her second biological child, rather her niece or nephew. Kimmy is carrying the biological baby of her brother, Jimmy, and Stephanie Tanner. Based on the second picture, Jimmy and Stephanie's baby has not arrived before Christmas. See for yourself below:

Fuller House Stephanie Jimmy Fernando Kimmy Tommy DJ Max Jackson Ramona Netflix

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Who the family has gathered around to listen to and watch so intently is currently a mystery. Whoever they are, everyone seems to care about them a great deal. Could it be the long-absent Michelle? A Skype video without actually showing the screen could be a way to incorporate the character without an Olsen twin. Sharing is caring, and Netflix revealed one other promotional picture with fans. This one features D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy striking a familiar pose. Check it out:

Fuller House D.J. Candace Cameron Bure Stephanie Jodie Sweetin Kimmy Gibbler Andrea Barber

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The ladies appear to be channeling Charlie's Angels, which is interesting. Fuller House will be welcoming two stars from a popular '70s show in Season 4. They are not from Charlie's Angels though. Season 4 will feature a reunion between The Bionic Woman's Lindsay Wagner and The Six Million Dollar Man's Lee Majors. The former's character was introduced on the latter's series. The exciting news does not end there.

Fuller House has added some new cast members for Season 4. The end should not be in sight either. If you have heard the cancellation rumors, you can be relatively rest-assured about the show's future. Before you start the campaign to save the series, Candace Cameron Bure has already shut down the rumors.

As for these first glimpses, we can glean a few things from them. For one, there will be a Christmas episode, which makes sense given the timing of the season's release. Secondly, D.J.'s middle-born son, Max, will do a project at some point, which appears to intrigue both Danny and Becky, as well as Kimmy and Stephanie.

Thirdly, it appears that D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy could not be closer in Season 4. That will happen when one of your friends has your baby. Despite Stephanie and Kimmy's tumultuous relationship, which has included its share of barbs, Kimmy is carrying Stephanie's baby. Surrogacy was never explored on Full House, so it will be interesting to learn how it is on the spinoff.

The fourth season of Fuller House will premiere December 14 on Netflix. While fans wait, many TV shows will be making their debut this fall on the streaming giant.

If you want to see the cast announcing the premiere date, you can check out the video below:

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