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Elsa Pataky Is Basically A Mermaid Queen In Netflix's Dark Tidelands Trailer

There is a new series on the horizon at Netflix! The streaming giant has unveiled the official trailer for its new siren-centered drama, Tidelands. Check out the Fast and Furious franchise's Elsa Pataky being an absolute mermaid queen in the trailer below:

This trailer has got yours truly super excited. There is no doubt about it. Tidelands is the broody beach retreat we need this winter. The Aussie drama has it all. Romance, suspense and mystery! Is it possible to be hooked before you actually see a show? In this case, it appears to be true.

While the trailer did an excellent job conveying what the series is about, here is the official synopsis. According to Netflix, Tidelands will follow Cal McTeer as she returns to her hometown after serving ten years in juvenile detention. That hometown is Orphelin Bay, and a quick Google search revealed that "orphelin" is the French word for orphan.

Back to the story. Before long, a dead body enters the equation, leading Cal to discover the town's secrets. Those secrets involve a commune of outcasts, who live in a hidden area of the bay and are known as the Tidelanders.

The series has some True Blood vibes, and it should appeal to fans of any supernatural series. Mermaids have not been as deeply explored as other mythical entities, so this is relatively fresh territory. The Freeform series Siren deals in murderous mermaids, and Australia has previously featured mermaids with the series H20: Just Add Water. Film has also been a fan of the creatures. Besides Ariel, the famous Disney princess, we have had great movies such as the Colin Farrell starrer Ondine.

Tidelands will give viewers the chance to splash around in new waters, though. Elsa Pataky's Adrielle and Cal seem primed to have their paths eventually converge. If that happens, the lead-up seems destined to elicit a fair share of tension and intrigue.

That is just one piece of suspense in a magnitude of mysteries for the series. To its credit, Tidelands also conjures Netflix's Bloodlines. So, fans who miss that crime series may also be curious to see what this mermaid drama has in store.

It will be neat to see Elsa Pataky taking a large part in a series. From the trailer alone, you can tell she is going to give an intense performance.

It should also be fun to see how the mermaids will be depicted. At the 29-second mark, you can catch a small glimpse of one. Based on the brief look we got in the trailer, it seems they will be taking a ghostly approach to their appearance in the water. Exciting!

The wait to watch will not last too much longer. Tidelands premieres December 14 on Netflix. The series is one of many shows making their debut this season on the streaming giant and beyond, so be sure to stay up to date on everything coming to the small screen in the next few months.

Britt Lawrence

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