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Jason Momoa The Tonight Show NBC

Aquaman's Jason Momoa is hosting Saturday Night Live on December 8, and he could not be more excited about it. It's obvious that Momoa has achieved tremendous success in his career so far, and as it turns out, hosting SNL marks a life accomplishment way up on the actor's list. Momoa said:

Dream come true I'm hosting SNL, that's it. Bucket list. Marry Lisa Bonet. Be on SNL. I'm done. Play a superhero.

It's probably as rare for a person to become a movie star as it is for someone to have completed everything on their bucket list. Jason Momoa's response to ET cements the fact that he has achieved both of these rarified things, even if he might have been saying it with his tongue firmly in cheek.

There is another thing Jason Momoa would like to have happen when he hosts Saturday Night Live that combines two of his accomplishments. When asked if wife, Lisa Bonet, would appear on the show with him, Momoa said he would "love" for her to be there, and that they would have to see what happens. So, it is not entirely out of the question.

Jason Momoa is closely tied to many of pop culture entertainment's largest tentpoles. Hence, Saturday Night Live has a lot they could potentially touch on in his episode. Early in his career, he found success playing Ronon Dex on the sci-fi television series, Stargate Atlantis. Years later, Momoa landed a "game-changing" role as Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo and became one of the breakout stars off the show's first season.

Jason Momoa's contribution proved crucial in helping Thrones become the sensation it did in its early days, so will anyone be content if Saturday Night Live does not acknowledge his run on the HBO smash? It's doubtful. At least, one Game of Thrones-inspired sketch would be fantastic, especially if they could get Lisa Bonet involved to play Daenerys.

It would all be in good fun, and it would not be the first time the NBC series took on Game of Thrones. For instance, when Brie Larson hosted, they did a sketch aimed at Jon Snow coming back to life.

As for Jason Momoa, he is preparing for his first solo film as the iconic superhero Aquaman, all the while keeping up his television career with his Netflix series, Frontier. The third season of the action-adventure series just debuted on the streaming giant. Momoa recently revealed his integral behind-the-scenes role in the Season 3 opener.

It is safe to say that he is a man of many talents. Soon enough, fans will learn how he does as the host of Saturday Night Live. Hosting the sketch comedy series is a big deal. Whether the show has fun with superheroes or Game of Thrones or both, only time will tell.

Jason Momoa will host NBC's Saturday Night Live on Saturday, December 8, at 11:30 p.m. ET. It is among many shows airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason.