Jason Momoa Reveals He Directed Frontier Season 3 Opening

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Frontier's third season has just debuted on Netflix, and fans have already learned something super cool about it. It turns out that Jason Momoa took a very hands-on approach to the third season. In culmination with the installment's premiere, Momoa offered some behind-the-scenes insight, including that he directed the opening of Season 3. Momoa said:

I just wanted to say that my show Frontier comes out tonight, Episode 1. I got to do some second-unit director, co-directing on the first episode. I just want to thank my cast and my crew. I hope everyone enjoys it. I actually finished writing it with Peter [Blackie] when the Justice League premiere was going on, and when I was doing Aquaman. So it was a very happy moment. The whole opening I got to shoot, and [director] TJ [Scott] backed me up. It was beautiful and I'm really, really proud of it.

The Aquaman star shared the info in a video posted on his Instagram. He is currently awaiting the release of his standalone movie as the DC superhero. Thankfully, that has not kept him so busy that he has not had a chance to star in a new season of Frontier. Fans of the Netflix series are undoubtedly grateful.

The third season of the historical series is among the new content that arrived late this month on the streaming giant. As has been the case with its previous installments, Season 3 is comprised of six episodes. So Frontier viewers considering a quick marathon may want to consider taking a moment to savor it. (The show won't be available on Discovery Canada until December 7.)

Frontier chronicles Jason Momoa's Declan Harp and his exploits in Canada's fur trade during the 18th Century. Season 3 picks up with Harp heading north in pursuit of Lord Benton. The opening sequence is a violent one, accompanied by raging flames and haunting music. The performances of the cast are showcased in full force.

Jason Momoa gives an especially intense performance as Harp throughout the scene. It is a sequence that is well-rendered and based on what is depicted, it was likely tricky to shoot. Not to mention it also having the potential of being emotionally exhausting.

Check out Jason Momoa talking about his work on Frontier's third season in the Instagram video below:

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Whether directing Frontier's opening has inspired Jason Momoa to take on more directing roles, only time will tell. His work on the sequence is not the Game of Thrones alum's first foray into directing or writing for a production. He directed and co-wrote the 2014 thriller Road to Paloma. So fans will have to wait and see what the future has in store for the multi-talented star.

The actor currently has a lot going on. He has already appeared in two DC universe movies as Arthur Curry/Aquaman. His standalone Aquaman movie is due in theaters on December 21. On Amazon Prime, you can find the actor in another action flick -- the incredibly entertaining 2018 film Braven, in which Jason Momoa stars as the title character.

The in-demand actor will be taking on another television role soon. No, this one is not on Netflix. Jason Momoa will star in his own Apple series. Before that comes out, fans have the latest season of Frontier to make their way through.

Frontier Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. The series is among many debuting new seasons this fall and during the midseason on the streaming giant.

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