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Friday Night Lights' Taylor Kitsch To Play A Drug Dealer For New HBO Series

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One of the breakout stars of NBC's Friday Night Lights could illuminate television again with a potential new series. Taylor Kitsch is attached to a show that would mark his return to HBO via a new drama. So long Tim Riggins. Kitsch's character in the potential series is a drug dealer.

That's right. The Friday Night Lights' Taylor Kitsch is attached to both star in and executive produce the series, per Variety. The show is currently in development and has not received a series order at this point. So, time will tell if it comes to fruition. If it does, here are the plot details you will want to know.

While the show does not have a title yet, Taylor Kitsch's character has a name -- Chris Klug. According to the plot description, Chris has a lot going on. He is a young guy, who is focused on his family. He is also a drug dealer. That all sounds like drama enough when a significant twist ensues.

Chris ends up taking a bad batch of drugs, and it leaves him in a temporary vegetative state. The story will accordingly unfold through flashbacks and Chris' "purgatory" in the present. Chris soon discovers that him taking the batch was not an accident. Rather, someone he is close to tried to kill him with it. Cue dramatic music.

So, there is going to be a mystery at play. What we do not know is why the would-be killer is not going to try something at the hospital. Perhaps that will be the groundwork for further drama. This role sounds like it has a lot of layers to it.

It will not be Taylor Kitsch's first time playing a character with a drug-related history. He starred in the 2012 film Savages in the role of a marijuana grower. Kitsch also has a history with HBO. He previously starred in the second season of HBO's True Detective, as well as the HBO film, The Normal Heart.

This new project for the cabler sounds promising. Taylor Kitsch has that star quality to make this work. A role like Chris Klug's will require charisma. It is something Kitsch always brought to playing Tim Riggins. Even when Tim did unfortunate things, you wanted to forgive him for them. A character such as Chris Klug will require that trait.

If this show gets off the ground, it will have a lot going for it. The plot description puts off Ozark vibes. The series is created by John Barcheski, who worked on the Kurt Sutter series Sons of Anarchy and The Bastard Executioner. Robert Munic would serve as the series' showrunner.

If the show gets picked up, it will mark the latest television role for Taylor Kitsch. He recently starred in Paramount Television's limited series, Waco. After appearing in many movies through the years, he is still keeping the television fires burning.

Stay tuned to find out what becomes of the Taylor Kitsch-led series. Hopefully HBO gives it the green light. In the meantime, many shows are premiering and returning this fall and throughout the midseason. You can relive the glory of Friday Night Lights on Hulu.

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