Legends Of Tomorrow Spoilers: What That Constantine Cliffhanger Means For Season 4

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Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Season 4 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, called "The Virgin Gary."

Legends of Tomorrow returned to the airwaves with a premiere that pitted the Legends against a murderous unicorn circa 1969, and the time travelers had to act quickly lest all the hippies at Woodstock be gored to death by the magical creature. While the Legends are no strangers to groovy time hijinks, magic is something new for them, and they recruited Constantine to help get rid of the unicorn. His heroics didn't mean he got a happy ending, however, and his cliffhanger means big things for Season 4.

In the final moments of "The Virgin Gary," Constantine stumbled out of a shower, towel wrapped around his waist, singing "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane, and drinking booze straight from the bottle. Oh, the life of an Arrow-verse hero. The twist came when the lights started flickering, and something started growling. Not especially scared, Constantine just started bellowing, asking whoever or whatever it was to identify itself and what it wanted, referring to himself as "a nasty piece of work."

Then it became very clear that whatever is after Constantine is an even nastier piece of work, and he was flung violently backwards into a mirror. (7 years of bad luck to Constantine!) An unseen force began to affect him, and he was left contorting on the floor to the point where I became concerned for Matt Ryan or whoever was doing the particular stunt, because ouch! When the convulsions finally stopped, he spotted words writing themselves in what looked like blood on the broken mirror:

I'm coming for you Johnny.

Well, if you thought for a moment that Legends of Tomorrow was going to let you go to sleep with nothing more than unicorn shenanigans and Gary losing a nipple in a unicorn-catching incident, the cliffhanger proved you wrong! Although the force assaulting Constantine and vowing to come for him didn't identify itself, Constantine's expression and "Oh, bullocks" seemed to indicate that he knew what it was. At the very least, he has a good idea that he's in some bad trouble.

Unfortunately, this incident happened shortly after he bluntly shut Sara down when she attempted to recruit him to join the Legends. Although he seemed to have a good enough time helping them take out the unicorn, he didn't mince words when he said that he did not intend to come live on the ship with them. Given that Matt Ryan is a series regular and the season premiere cliffhanger was about him, I think it's safe to say that he'll join the crew sooner rather than later.

A big question is how long it will take him to reach out to the Legends. He's not a man without pride, and his vehemence when turning Sara down probably won't make any overtures especially easy. There's also the point that magic is his area of expertise, not the Legends' at this point. The Arrow-verse's Woodstock would be remembered as a massacre rather than music festival if not for him. He needs a reason to need them.

We'll have to wait and see. Despite all of Legends of Tomorrow's connections to the rest of the Arrow-verse, it may be more separate from the other shows than usual, and not just because Kid Flash left the Waverider. Legends of Tomorrow won't be part of the big Arrow-verse crossover and will instead stage a crossover of its own.

That crossover won't happen for a while, however, so swing by our fall premiere guide for viewing options between now and then. New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow air on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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