The Stargirl TV Show Has Cast Its Hourman And More

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The cast of DC Universe's upcoming series Stargirl is continuing to grow. Yesterday, it was Starman's role getting filled, and today it is superhero Hourman and more. Things have been eventful in the Stargirl universe lately, and the addition of more cast members can only mean good things.

S.W.A.T.'s Lou Ferrigno Jr. has signed on to star as the superhero Hourman, per TVLine. Not just any Hourman either. The role is described as the "Golden Age Hourman," and that timely prefix is something he shares in common with Stargirl's version of Starman, which isn't quite a straight takeaway from the comics.

Hourman's non-superhero alter ego, Rex Tyler, also boasts his own set of skills. Tyler is said to be a "master chemist" with another side to his personality, and he's described as an "adrenaline junkie." But as Hourman, he gets to explore the the more super side of his life, just with one caveat.

Rex only gets to enjoy his life as a super-strong superhero for one hour per day, hence the "Hourman" moniker. Well, at least he knows his limitations ahead of time, even though it's not the best idea to let villains in on it.

A time limit is not the only thing facing Rex. Along with being a superhero, he has to balance life as a father. That will be a compelling angle for the series to dig into. It remains to be seen how much time Stargirl will have to explore it though. The role is billed as a recurring guest star.

It will undoubtedly be interesting no matter how long it lasts, since Hourman is a founding member of the Justice Society of America, which also includes Starman as a member.

As his name suggests, Lou Ferrigno Jr. is the son of Lou Ferrigno, who has his own on-screen superhero ties. Ferrigno memorably portrayed the Hulk in the '1970s live-action series The Incredible Hulk. Now, to the next superhero to join Stargirl's cast.

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Stargirl has cast another wild character, with actor Brian Stapf boarding the series in the recurring role of Wildcat, per TV Insider. When he is not out as Wildcat, he is Ted Grant. It's definitely worth noting that Wildcat was also a founding member of the Justice Society of America, along with Hourman. And like those previously announced before him, Stargirl's Wildcat will also be a Golden Age rendition.

Stargirl's version of Wildcat is described as being "clawed and cowled" with a background as a "former heavyweight boxer." Those are skills that will be worthy contributions to Stargirl.

Ted Grant was previously seen on The CW's Arrow. In The CW's take of the character, he owned Star City Gym and mentored Laurel as she trained to fight, which was one of the season's better storylines. It will be interesting to learn what this "new" Ted Grant/Wildcat can bring to Stargirl. It sounds like the show is gearing up to be a roaring good time. Brian Stapf's credits include a role on Netflix's Bloodline.

DC Universe has not set a release date for Stargirl yet, so keep staying tuned. Word will eventually come on that front. In the meantime, many shows are continuing to air new episodes this fall. With even more TV content awaiting viewers in the midseason and throughout the new year.

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