One Star Wars Rebels Vet Would Love To Reprise The Role In Live-Action

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With two live-action Star Wars shows coming to Disney+, there's been a lot of chatter from fans wondering if characters from the franchise's animated adventures will ever appear in live-action. Specifically, the characters of Star Wars: Rebels could feasibly make an appearance somewhere, due to its storyline possibly taking place around the same time as both shows. Should that be the case, voice actress Tiya Sircar mentioned she's totally down to play Sabine in real life, and was shocked that someone might think otherwise.

Opposed?! On the contrary, I am seriously trying to will the Universe to allow a live-action Sabine story to be told and for me to be the one to get to tell it (as Sabine, of course). #fingersandtoescrossed

Tiya Sircar is all about appearing in a Star Wars live-action series as Sabine, and choosing her for the role would actually make sense. It wouldn't take much more than hairstyling to make Sircar resemble her animated counterpart in a general sense, and she's got ample experience as a live-action actress to stand alongside the all-star cast. She does currently have a recurring role on The Good Place, but the writers can always stow her character away in a cocoon until Star Wars was completed.

Star Wars: Rebels fans almost universally rallied behind Tiya Sircar on Twitter, and she had to remind some folks to pump the brakes a little. Sircar added the following message, just in case people were taking her initial statement out of context by thinking she was legitimately hinting at reprising the role for an one or more live-action adventures.

Thnx for all ur sweet msgs! But to be clear, I'm not actively gunning for a role as live-action Sabine (no pun intended). It's just a dream of mine to reprise this role I love so much. And if it were in a live-action capacity, well I'd be all for it! But que sera sera, ya know?

For now, there doesn't seem to be anyone asking Tiya Sircar to reprise the role of Sabine, but it may happen. As previously mentioned, the Rogue One prequel show centered on Cassian Andor will take place around the same time as Star Wars Rebels. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story peppering in a few references to Rebels elements, it's hard to believe any live-action prequel shows won't continue that trend to keep the interconnected magic alive on Disney+.

It's also worth noting that Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian, which could obviously get her a spot in The Mandalorian, should the details match up. Of course, Diego Luna has already snagged the role of the title character, but with his true name a mystery, perhaps there could be some relation between his character and Sabine. If not, there's always a chance she could surface in some flashback memory that Luna's character has on Mandalore.

The world can only wait and wonder as both Star Wars live-action shows are set to arrive on Disney+ when they complete. For more on television programs that will be arriving sooner, head on over to our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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