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Why Ahsoka Needs To Be In Star Wars' Rogue One Prequel Series

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Star Wars is expanding that galaxy far, far away in some big ways thanks to the upcoming Disney+ streaming service that will deliver two live-action Star Wars shows. The latest to be announced is a Rogue One prequel series that will star Diego Luna as Rebel spy Cassian Andor, which comes as good news for franchise fans still bummed about the end of Rogue One. Details about the show are scarce, but there are some big reasons why none other than Ahsoka Tano needs to appear.

The setting of the series (which has yet to receive an official title) before the events of Rogue One means that the timing is perfect for former-Jedi-turned-Rebel-operative Ahsoka Tano to play a part in the action. Not too much information is available about what Ahsoka was up to in the earlier years following the fall of the Republic, but Star Wars Rebels tells us that she was a key part of the pre-original trilogy Rebellion.

Given that Cassian was a spy for the Rebellion for years before he ever met Jyn Erso, it would make a whole lot of sense if he had at least met Ahsoka on a few occasions. Ahsoka once wasn't too well-known in the galaxy beyond the Rebellion's inner circle, as even Kanan had been in the dark about her work for the Rebellion prior to her appearance in Rebels' first season finale. He only knew her by the title of "Fulcrum."

Well, the Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide revealed that Ahsoka was not the only member of the Rebellion to carry the Fulcrum title. Cassian was also known as Fulcrum during his time as a spy (as was Kallus after he joined the Rebellion in Star Wars Rebels Season 3). Wouldn't it track for two Fulcrums to have interacted?

Admittedly, the timeline isn't altogether clear about when Cassian held the Fulcrum title. Still, Ahsoka turning up on Cassian's Rogue One prequel would make sense. She wouldn't have to be a major character, but a cameo or guest shot surely wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. General Leia has a relatively minor role in Star Wars Resistance; why not Ahsoka in the Rogue One prequel?

If the timeline isn't enough of a reason for Ahsoka (or certain Star Wars Rebels characters) to show up in the Rogue One prequel, then there's the simple point that it would be a shame for any Star Wars TV show to happen without a sign of Ahsoka. She starred in The Clone Wars, played a pivotal role in Star War Rebels, and was featured in a number of Forces of Destiny shorts.

Ahsoka hasn't appeared in Star Wars Resistance yet, but she survived the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, so she could appear there or in The Mandalorian, especially since she ended Rebels heading off on a mission with a Mandalorian. Star Wars should continue the Star Wars TV trend by incorporating Ahsoka somehow, in some way!

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Of course, one of the most notable aspects of Rogue One that set it apart from other Star Wars projects was the absence of Force-sensitive heroes, with Darth Vader as the only one wielding a lightsaber. If the Rogue One prequel shares the same tone and focuses more on spy action (not to mention the fact that most of the surviving Jedi were keeping a low profile ahead of the original trilogy), we shouldn't expect to see Jedi like Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger on the regular, if at all.

Star Wars Rebels fans know that Ahsoka was not a Jedi when she worked in a Fulcrum role, proving that she did not return to the Order (figuratively or officially) before Order 66, which may or may not be covered by the upcoming new season of The Clone Wars. She could appear in the Rogue One prequel more in her capacity as spy and operative than as a Force-wielder, and that would allow the show to keep its largely Force-free tone while still incorporating her.

As somebody who loved Star Wars Rebels and counts the original trilogy-adjacent era as my favorite of the Star Wars franchise, I would love to also get appearances from Rebels characters, and Hera and Kanan appearing before the events of Rebels could work. In fact, I'm still kind of bummed we didn't get them in Solo. Nevertheless, Ahsoka is arguably the original character from Star Wars animated TV that would make the most sense to appear on the live-action series.

Speaking of which, the Rogue One prequel could present a chance for Star Wars to finally bring Ahsoka into live-action. It would sadly mean that voice actress Ashley Eckstein likely wouldn't be able to portray the character, but how awesome would it be to get another Togruta in live-action? We may even know an actress who could tackle the role to perfection.

Back in February 2017, Rosario Dawson revealed that she would be on board to play Ahsoka in live-action. At the time, she suggested playing Ahsoka in a future Star Wars film, but why not the Rogue One prequel? Back when she originally threw her name in the ring to play Ahsoka, live-action Star Wars shows were all but inconceivable, with all the Star Wars action going down on the big screen. Dawson has been willing to play an iconic TV character in a huge franchise before; could Star Wars be the next?

We shouldn't start counting on Rosario Dawson or anybody else absolutely bringing Ahsoka to live-action for Diego Luna's Rogue One prequel (even though art of Dawson as Ahsoka is pretty awesome). The show doesn't even have a production date just yet, and all we know is that it is slated to begin at some point next year. We likely have a whole lot of time to speculate about what's in store. Could Krennic appear as well? Ben Mendelsohn has thoughts.

For now, you can look forward to more Ahsoka whenever the new batch of Clone Wars episodes releases. Those will debut on Disney+, so we have a wait on our hands for more Ahsoka in that format, but my money is on more Clone Wars before the Rogue One prequel. We'll have to wait and see. For a current fix of Star Wars TV action, you can check out new episodes of Star Wars Resistance on Disney Channel.

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