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When Stranger Things Season 3 Is Finally Premiering

We've got good news and bad news, Stranger Things fans. The good news is the show finally has an official return date for the much-awaited Season 3. The bad news is we're all going to have to wait about six months before we get to watch it when it debuts on July 4th, 2019.

Once upon a time, when the world was a simpler place without streaming and without premium cable shows, it was a hell of a lot easier to predict when your favorite TV show would be coming back. Unless it was earmarked for midseason replacement, the answer was almost always sometime in September. Now... not so much.

Fortunately for Stranger Things, the fact that people care as much as they do about when the show will come back is a great sign. Every year, Netflix releases dozens and dozens of new shows. The majority come and go without much fanfare, but the few that are able to elevate themselves above the rest start receiving more ads, more hype and assumedly, bigger budgets. Stranger Things has gotten that treatment since it broke out in a big way in Season 1, and with a well-executed Season 3, it could continue to grow.

You can watch the Season 3 release date announcement via the embedded video below...

Here's a question: do you think Stranger Things has become the most important show on Netflix? For a long time, the gold standard was clearly House Of Cards. It was the first to prove all the possibilities Netflix could offer, but with Kevin Spacey out of the picture and buzz being a little lighter the past few seasons, I think that's out. A few years ago, you probably could have made the case for Orange Is The New Black, but I think there's some fatigue there, as well. Fuller House assumedly puts a lot of asses in the seats, as does The Ranch, but those aren't the properties Netflix is bragging about. So, does that mean Stranger Things is it? I think it might be, but if I'm missing something, feel free to scream at me in the comment section.

Regardless, expect to get some more teasers and maybe even a full trailer between now and the July 4th release date. And also, expect all of your Stranger Things loving friends to bombard you with wild theories that almost certainly aren't true because it wouldn't be a TV hiatus without dumb predictions.

Mack Rawden

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