The Masked Singer: Watch The Raven's Brave Performance Of A Sara Bareilles Classic

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer**! Read at your own risk!**

Another week has passed, which means it's time to learn the identity of another contestant on The Masked Singer. With the competition thinning out, yet another non-professional singer was eliminated from the show, although the audience didn't necessarily know for sure she wasn't a singer at the time. The performer tried to stay alive another week with a "brave" performance of a Sara Bareilles classic, but it wasn't enough.

Raven's had some solid weeks on The Masked Singer, with performances that have been solid and some of the most emotionally powerful the competition has seen thus far. That said, it's getting down to the nitty gritty in the competition, and now that the weaker singers have been eliminated, "solid" just wasn't gonna cut it this week. Despite her rousing performance, it was time for Ricki Lake to spread her wings and fly from the stage.

The internet had been quick to guess Ricki Lake was behind the mask, especially when Raven revealed she used to have a television show. That, paired with the clues about her being a good listener and hailing from New York had Twitter consistently name-dropping her with each performance. Once the Emmy was revealed as her physical clue, even the most in denial fans had to know it was her before she officially unmasked.

Beyond the more revealing clues, judge Robin Thicke said it was a physical cue that put him on the trail of Ricki Lake. Thicke said he knew it was Lake by the way she frequently put her hand over her heart when she was complimented, which he seemed to think was a dead giveaway. Perhaps he should've told the rest of the judges that, if only so they would've stopped guessing Sally Jessy Raphael.

It's now down to Monster, Lion, Peacock, Rabbit, Bee, and Alien in the competition, and things from here on out could get really competitive. Each competitor remaining has a solid voice, so the rest of the competition will seemingly come down to personal preference in who stays and who goes from here on out. Right now Lion seems like a strong contender to be in the final rounds, as does Rabbit.

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